Hi-Tec Hiking Boots: A Complete Review

Hi-Tec Hiking Boots

If you are inclined towards bold and adventurous getaways, you definitely need to pack the essentials to carry along. But, sometimes you tend to overlook the essentials you wear, relying wholeheartedly on your regular canvas shoes or even your simple sports pair. But, hiking requires much more protection to your feet since because that is what keeps you walking. And for that, there is nothing more reliable other than the Hi-Tec hiking boots, hands down! I recommend this brand particularly because I, myself had several hiking experiences during which the shoes backed me up. Hence, I write this article after a first-hand knowledge of the shoes’ strength.

6 Best Hi-Tec Waterproof Hiking Boots

The boots that I’m referring to implements a clever footwear technology which remains hidden. They blend both the science and art in designing such boots thereby producing a distinctive pair for you to go hiking. However, the boots’ builds are undoubtedly strong and can take you through any surface and any weather. And if you happen to tread on deep mud and dirt, go deeper since it is stain-resistant! This tech in the Hi-Tech renders powerful grip, which you can well understand just by looking at the sole design. Apart from the excellent strength and durability comes its softer side. By that, I mean the exceptional comfort that you feel once you are in ‘their’ shoes.

Why Hi-Tec Boots For Hiking?

Now, over to the question as to why I suggest the Hi-Tec boots for hiking. It is purely because I encountered several events where I could have tripped or lost grip in my hiking experiences. In  2016, I went hiking with a handful of friends that I made on the way to the Narrows of Zion National Park in Utah. Now, to reach there requires one challenging wet trek to complete. Twists and curves just add to the challenge. However, this river hike is pretty tricky. Tripping over or loss of balance is frequent thereby injuring yourself too.

But, what I noticed while walking through the area is that a couple of other hikers fell down drenching themselves in the water. While I walked just fine. In fact, I just plainly walked and couldn’t feel any sort of discomfort. It felt as if I was treading on rocks but they weren’t simple rocks. The boots don’t let you know what actually you are walking on. I realized this after some time when the few fell over. Even later, I learn that the area was highly slippery which I didn’t feel at all. The rest of my mates were spreading their hands out to keep balance to cross the are. And trust me, it was nothing dramatic for me and I just let my Magnum AW17 do the work. Hence, wearing them and heading for a long adventurous walk, is the smartest choice. Take it from me!

I have made a list of the best boots for hiking by Hi-Tec. The women’s, kids’ and mens’ are clearly laid down beside their names hence, look out. And yes, you can trust them carelessly. And this comes from someone who has a first-hand experience of its immense strength while hiking. Hence, read along the handpicked pairs!

Altitude V I Waterproof Hiking Boot: For Men

Altitude V I Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Hi-Tec makes their shoes accessible to both men and women as well as kids of different age groups. Let me give you an exact account of how the Altitude is inside out. Hence, stick through!

The Altitude V I is entirely leather and synthetic and the sole has a strong rubber grasp. The heel of the pair measures around 1.5 inches. It has speed-lace hooks holding padded collar and Dri-Tec waterproof construction. The water-resistant feature has a serious i-Shield hydrophobic technology back up for extra water protection. However, if you are worried about the common odor to arise if you wear them for a long time, I have just the thing to tell you. It holds cushioned  OrthoLite sockliner featuring anti-odor and anti-microbial properties. Hence, no smell or irritation even if you keep them on for a prolonged period of time. Also, the Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) rubber outsole makes it so much more. Thus, this is just one among the other Hi-Tec ultimate men’s hiking boots.

Skamania Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot: For Men

Skamania Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

I remind you that with this branded footwear, you don’t have to occupy your mind with the thought of weather. These Hi-Tec pairs can take you places through any weather. Rough rocks in summer, slimy underwater bed, heavy and thick mud, anything. So, the weather shouldn’t be your concern at all. And this applies equally to the rest mentioned footwear as well.

This imported pair, Skamania, is entirely made of leather. Similar to the Altitude, this too has a powerful rubber sole. The shaft measures around 5.5 inches from the arch whereas the heel accounts for 1.75 inches. It features a heavily padded collar and a secure lace-up vamp of metal ghillie and speed-lace hardware. Cushioned with an ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole. Your feet are covered with the proper cushioning and compression and it has also a steel shank for support and stability. However, the design makes the boot looks rough and adventure-ready.

Hi-Tec Kids Altitude VI JR Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Kids Altitude VI JR Waterproof Hiking Boot

Now, time for attending the kids! If you seek a short family hike, then ensure to buckle up your children as well. Yes, equip them with the Hi-Tec kids’ hiking boots as well. And yes, the brand deploys footwear for kids as well, that too of varied age groups. Hence, why leave them behind?

The Altitude collection is pretty popular as you can see. The rubber sole takes the credit for exceptional grip. The waterproof footwear also has a breathable upper which prevents your child’s feet from sweating leaving them odorless when you take them off. It has the multi-directional traction rubber outsole like the adults’. Also, a cushioned EVA midsole and a big fit insole system render the comfort your child feels while running off to catch the butterflies. Do not put much thought about dirt absorption since the design is for children to run and walk through dirt and mud without tension. The hardware is rust and stain resistant. This allows the toddlers and little girls to continue running their carefree errands.

Thus, it marks itself as one of the best Hi-Tec kids’ hiking boots.

Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot: For Women

Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Bandera women’s footwear is an exception with a synthetic sole. The heel measures around 1.25 inches thereby indicating the sole’s friction strength. Similar to the others, it too has MDT rubber outsole. Also, the Ghillie lacing system provides a secure fit and the contoured EVA sockliner for padding is removable.

The aggressive grip that it renders makes it you tread on any grounds! Be it hilly areas or rocky terrain. The footwear is undoubtedly a towering example of one of the best Hi-Tec women’s hiking boots.

Altitude Lite Li I Waterproof Hiking Boot: For Women

Altitude Lite Li I Waterproof Hiking Boot For Women

The Lite has a fancy design and comes in three colors mainly: Blue Moon, Insignia Blue, and Aquifer. It has a sporty feminine touch to it. However, leather and synthetic are its components. The rubber sole is common in Hi-Tec footwear and hence in the Altitude Lite as well. The shaft of the shoe is around an ankle-high length from the arch. Your feet don’t feel suffocated since it also has the Dri-tec waterproof and breathable membrane. Now, over to how the water-resistant trait works. The iShield dirt and water repellant upper coating properly shields the boot from soaking water. Like other Hi-Tec footwear, the Lite too aims to protect the feet well. It holds an Ortholite slow recovery memory foam sockliner featuring arch support along with a heel lock frame. It also harbors MDT self-cleaning and durable rubber outsole. The build and the inside framing thus makes the Altitude Lite Li a distinctive Hi-Tec women’s hiking boot.

Magnum Classic Series Boots- AW17

Magnum Classic Series Boots- AW17

Now, this pair is the one I wore to my 2016 hiking tour which is the birthplace of my ultimate strong faith in them. Yes, the incident I shared with you in the beginning. A perfect amalgam of science and art almost as though a scientific artisan crafted it. Since the incident, I grew a renewed faith in the boot’s brand. The underneath mentioned vivid details of it is sure to make you interested in this pair of mine.

The Magnum’s design is a sleek black leather body ready for tough errands. This can be your option even if you are a woman, thereby adding to its bold appearance. The ballistic Nylon and natural leather upper is manufactured from FS-A06 ballistic Mil-Spec breathable mesh. Also, for a comfort fit, a durable TecTuff leather foam ankle roll and toe guard cushions for added protection. The presence of Suede Collar renders additional comfort. If you aren’t already convinced with the Magnum’s comfort level then, read on. It also has a contoured insole, that is it bears a Cambrelle lining keeping the feet dry and cool. Thus, the Magnum’s comfort is exceptional almost seems as though they were thoughtful of the feet.

The length itself is an advantage since it protects your legs even higher. And this is the one most people dig for! The price is a little high provided the features it carries and comfort and convenience it renders. From my experience, I tell you that this Magnum AW17 doesn’t disappoint. In fact, in deploys awe in the person feeling the change.

Overall Performance Of The Hi-Tec Footwear Collection

I have handpicked the best of the best Hi-Tec hiking boots for you to sort through. The brand’s footwear collection undoubtedly provides the ultimate satisfaction. Also, the brand promises the standard comfort and strength required for a hassle-free hiking experience. I have already discussed in details the life-saving functions it renders. And now, the selection as to what you choose for your next hiking trip is entirely up to you.

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