Ahnu Hiking Boots: Your Perfect Hiking Companion

Ahnu Hiking Boots

“What season come may, the journey is what we are fond of and so, out we sway!” In terms of traveling, we don’t always mean to travel abroad or across the country. But, it also means traveling via walking, for example, hiking. People take extreme delight in hiking to explore new places just by their feet, for recreational purposes or simply to complete their circle of a day’s cardio workout. Moreover, hiking can be both a hobby or a profession for oneself.

In this era of mechanical lives and stagnant job profiles, more and more people are assuming hiking or such activities in their daily course. On the other hand, as an activity, hiking is becoming more popular each day. Apart from that, it is needless to say that hiking also serves as a very healthy practice for people who take it up. And when it comes to hiking, in whatever approach you might see it, you must be primarily owning a robust pair of shoes. Ahnu is one brand which gives you class-apart services. So, if you are really fond of hiking, you must instantly step into the shoes of Ahnu.

Ahnu: Know The Brand

Ahnu is really something that you can look up to when you are confused about what you need to carry in your favorite hiking trips. They are never short of innovative ideas for crafting weather-proof, comfortable shoes. For instance, here, I would be mentioning a particular model from the house of Ahnu which was recently launched and has grabbed my attention too. The Ahnu Montara III would perhaps also give a better understanding of the brand Ahnu itself and what it has to offer you and the world of hiking fanatics.

Apart from being made solely out of leather, these boots are primarily lightweight. While being easy to walk and/or carry, they are also trendy for the present and the upcoming years. The pair Ahnu Montara III boots have already superseded their ancestors in every possible aspect. To talk through it, here, you can clearly see that the upper has been remodified. It has been done so to enhance the support and cut down the possibility of seams and even stitching. This has thus been done to boost the durability and the resistance of the shoes to water. Besides, they come with the Vibram Megagrip soles which provide an awe-inspiring traction. With this, they also make up for your style content as well and are surely a bang for your bucks. For men looking for hiking boots, you can easily check out Ahnu men’s range of hiking boots.

Ahnu Men’s Hiking Boots: Take A Glance

Ahnu Men's Hiking Boots

Ahnu brings out the best for those males who are interested in hiking. Winter excursions can be whole with the pair of Orion cold-weather shoes. The boots are majestically carved with strengthy waterproof nubuck leathers and a warm Polartec collar lining. Next, a membranous waterproof material and 2000 grams of Thinsulate insulation help to make your feet enjoy the summer even in the coldest of winters. The hike platform built on top of it extends your coziness and stability and the winter spider rubber acts as a cold weather traction. With these, you can trek with all your confidence on winter hikes and along snow-covered pavements.


Some of the highlights which you can go through are listed below:

  1. It is fully crafted out of pure 100 % leather.
  2. Imported shoes.
  3. The rubber soles of these shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight.
  4. The shaft of the shoes measures 5.5″ from the arch in average.
  5. The cutting-edge Ahnu’s waterproof breathable technology is an add-on.
  6. The Thinsulate insulation for these shoes is of 200 grams, which is quite a thing to admire.
  7. Each of them boasts of the waterproof nubuck leather.
  8. The Polartec fleece-lined collar is something unique that Ahnu has come up with.
  9. It is worthy to mention the double density compression molded EVA with medial and lateral postings for the rest of your underfoot and the stability of your heels.

Check Out Ahnu Women’s Hiking Boots

The vibrant color scheme is what distinguishes the series of hiking boots from Ahnu for women. While they keep their matchless performance constant, Ahnu is also brilliant with their irresistible hues of the shoes that they offer the lady hikers. The engineers of Ahnu take care that they meet the pulsating lifestyle of those who would rather desert their treadmills for the real trails. Pioneered by the Numentum Technology which churns out your foot’s natural biomechanics to see the best, these shoes are utterly promising. It encourages a more stable, centered and balanced stride.


If you guys are interested in the women’s hiking boots from Ahnu, you can just look below. Here, we bring you a summary of the hiking boots for women:

  • You get 100% mesh, leather, and suede.
  • Genuinely U.S.A crafted shoes.
  • Soles of these shoes are of rubber, quite light-weight and guaranteeing your overall comfort.
  • The shaft you will get with them is approximately 5.75″ from the arch.
  • The measurement of the heel is of 1″
  • They are powered by Numentum Technology. With this technology, you can be assured of enjoying measured strides.
  • The mid-cut design is for your assurance if you strive for the ankle support and stability.

Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Boots: Take A Glimpse

Ahnu Sugarpine

Layered out of a blend of waterproof leather and sleek, lightweight mesh, these classic hiker boots help you stand steady regardless of the terrain you are on. Furthermore, the Sugarpine II WP helps you with the extra stability even on rivaling terrains. The Ahnu Numentum hike technology assures you the extra support that you always wish for.  Now, let’s have a look at the features in a concise form without taking much time:


  1. It is made out of leather and textile.
  2. Premium quality imported shoes.
  3. The soles are of rubber making them comfortable and durable as well.
  4. The shaft approximately extends up to 5.5″ from the arch.
  5. The mesh binding and the layering of suede on the top maintains the cool and comfort of your feet.
  6. The overlays of the shoes are truly waterproof.
  7. The Aegis Antimicrobial construction of the shoes is brilliantly effective to keep bacteria, grit, and grime away.

An Analysis Of Ahnu Hiking Boots

The boots by Ahnu are all exquisitely crafted for excellence. Whether you are hiking through the Big Sur Mountains or taking a jog through the Golden Gate Park, Ahnu brings footwear for a balanced, centered and scientifically researched trek to prove comfortable for you for kilometers on end. Moreover, the waterproof range gives you the actual feeling of overcoming the rain and its effect on your feet. The winter hiking shoes, likewise, bring out the best of their potential to be beside you. They withstand the weather like anything. Furthermore, the winter shoes are extremely hardy and can bear the harshest of winters. As they say, “Giving More As We Grow”.

Therefore, they mean that their passions propel them to create products and their values ask them to be responsible when it comes to social encounters. Hence, they stay firmly attached to their values making beasts out of their shoes. Lastly, this brand is genuinely inspiring a balanced life which starts from getting outside.

Some Characteristics:

These are some of the characteristics that I use to weigh the various shoes of Ahnu and bring out the best to you from each of them:


The Ahnu Montara III is though, a bit low on comfort but really are exciting shoes to give a thought on when it comes to narrower feet. Men and women with narrower feet can go for these unhesitatingly. While the HOKA One One Tor Ultra or the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX are obviously the choices for people with broader feet. If you have narrower feet, then the Montara III seems like perfect for you. Apart from this, they have the added padding in the collar and towards the heel. This consequently helps in preventing the hot spots. The soft and supple leather throws in the extra comfort of these shoes.


The Montara III provides a bit more support than its previous model. The upper part of these shoes was remodeled and in fact, made much simpler, which actually makes all the difference. If you compare them to the Ahnu Sugarpine shoes, the Montara boots are really supportive to the brink. The La Sportiva Nucleo or the Obox Sapphire might stand as strong rivals. Basically, if you want a good support, high, supportive ankle shafts are the features which you should be choosing. Apart from this, the most noteworthy aspect of these boots is that they volunteer for a plenty of forward-flex also. Thus, the mentioned boots have a stiff insole resisting the torsional flexibility. This acts quite handy over the unstable, rocky or mountainous terrains.


The boots weigh 1.75-2.2 pounds. They are convenient, really light and airy on your feet. The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus and Ahnu Montara III simply fit in this category of being mid-range in terms of what they weigh. However, the Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX is also a healthy competitor, providing an extensive support being just 1.3 ounces more than the normal weight of its peers.


The Vibram MegaGrip outsoles are really an eye-grabber on the new range of shoes by Ahnu. The sticky Vibram soles which their predecessors had had, the new Vibram MegaGrip surely is a promising successor to them. As they brought out the Ahnu Montara III, we can easily see the difference to what existed previously. This new and innovative gripping technology glues in perfectly on granite slabs, loose gravel, and boulders. To mention a few, HOKA ONE ONE Tor Ultra, Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX, and Ahnu Montara III are really worth it to have a considerable look.


What actually seems like a wonder is an astounding performance that the shoes of Ahnu deliver in wet terrains and/or climatic conditions. Even being tested in four-inch deep water, the boots from Ahnu manages to keep one’s feet bone dry. Even in warm weather conditions, the waterproof eVent technology is deemed quite breathable. Moreover, it does not even trap moisture inside the feet, even though the upper part is mostly made out of leather. Furthermore, the boots having fewer seams are better overall in terms of performance. This technology along with the BDry technology which can be found on the Oboz Sapphires can stand up for the Gore-Tex waterproofing. This waterproofing technique is now implemented in the Salomon Quest 4D GTX and the Salomon X Ultra Mid 3s.

 Weighing on these parameters, you can easily check and find yourself the pair of hiking shoes which is the best fit for you.

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