List Of Best Down Jackets For Men

Best Down Jackets

As Christmas is on the horizon and the weather becomes chilly. Every hiker is plans for trips to explore the mountains and forest. By hiking, you can stay away from hustle and bustle of the city and be close to nature for some time. So before planning for a long trip, you need to pack your bags with warm clothes. Also, if you want to withstand harsh weather then nothing beats the best down jacket.

Hikers generally prefer the winter as the climate remains favorable. You feel less exhausted like we feel in the summertime. Also, in this time, you can see several seasonal vegetation. However, the climate remains chilly and you need to wear warm clothes to withstand the freezing cold. That’s why it is necessary to have quality down jackets. In this article, we will discuss best down jackets for 2018-19 for men.

Choose The Best Down Jacket For Hiking

Down jackets are easy to carry and look good on you. A quality down jacket is made with cozy insulating materials and provide proper protection from cold than the synthetic windcheaters.
Hence that’s why it is better to wear a down jacket at the time hacking. So here are the some cool and best down jackets as given below.

Patagonia Down Jacket

Patagonia Down Jacket

Pros: Nice Fitting stretchable and looks good

Cons: Bit Bulky

Weight: 13 oz

If you want versatility, then, Patagonia Down jacket is the best option. It is one of the best down jackets and easy to carry. You can fit in your backpack.

The Patagonia jacket has a nice balance of the texture and the material quality is soft. But, still it provides enough warmth and you can be used for both skiing and hiking. Hikers can get Patagonia jacket in various size and colors. These jackets have their own class and it lasts longer and has more durability than the other companies down jackets.

Although the Patagonia jackets are one of the best men’s down jacket it has its own limitation. The weight of the sweater is more than 13 ounce that’s why jacket cannot be classified as an ultralight. Also, the fit of the jacket is a bit boxier according to us. Also, Patagonia jackets don’t come cheap. Its synthetic micro puff is better than Patagonia’s down jacket. However, the durability of the down jacket is an added advantage.

Feathered Eos

Feathered Eos

Pros: Excellent warmth to weight ratio

Cons: Poor color selection

Weight: >10 oz

All the hikers acknowledge that Feathered friends make top class down jacket. There are many hikers who prefer to wear Feather Friend Eos down jacket. The feather friend company designs jackets, especially for serious hiking people. It is a quite small company and many hikers are unaware of such brand existing outside the US.

But, it has drawn every hiker’s attention by creating some of the best down jackets that can perform in extreme climates. Feather Friends is one of the best down jackets that hiker can wear. It packs 3.7 ounces of 900 fill down guaranteeing greater fill power and weight than other down jackets. The reason why it is one of the excellent down jackets it is built solely for performance.

The color choice does not look enticing and it cannot be worn regularly. As the color also can fade due to excessive washing. Furthermore, the jacket has a non-adjustable hood which is kind of a letdown.

Hikers cannot buy these jackets all the time as it follows a strategy to sell limited stocks during the hiking season. But if you can buy these down jackets from Feathered Friends, then it is definitely one of the best available options. It is one of the best ultralight jackets and perfect for backpacking.

REI Co-op 650 Jacket

REI Co-op 650 Jacket

Pros: Light Weight cheap

Cons: Questionable hem adjustment

Weight: >10 oz

If you are looking for a cheap but best down jacket for casual use then use REI jackets. When REI launched Co-op 650 jackets in the market, hikers became crazy to buy this particular series.

The Co-op down jacket is a great product and hikers are promised to get a good value for their money. If you compare them with other brands than none come near REI down jackets. The nylon fabric of the REI down jackets are not that durable like expensive counterparts. Moreover, they lack proper hem adjustment which impacts directly on the fittings.

However, you can wear this jacket for short and casual hiking trips. Hikers can use the jacket regularly as it offers excellent longevity compared to other branded down jackets.


Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hood Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hood Jacket

Pros: Good feature set and offers warmth for the weight

Cons: Loose cuffs and zippers are quite light.

Weight: >7 oz.

Mountain Hardwear was the first company to bring an ultralight down jackets in the market. Since the first model, they’ve been making some of the best down jackets. The jackets are quite lightweight of around 7.7 ounces and can bear up to 2.8 ounces and the fill down is of 800. The jacket has an outstanding warmth to weight ratio increasing flexibility.

The interesting thing about this jacket is that Mountain Hardwear didn’t compromise with the features to create a paperweight jacket. Hikers get all the essential features like pockets, side cinch with proper fit. Many companies fail to incorporate the basic features to make their down jacket ultralight. But Mountain Hardwear tries to give the best product to their customer at a standard price.

The only disadvantage of these jackets that it cannot withstand the rough use. The loose cuff design doesn’t prevent the wind from seeping in from the wrist. Also, the zipper of these jackets is quite light and flimsy. The Mountain Hardwear jackets cannot be worn as casuals but definitely one of the best down jackets for staying warm by minimizing the weight of the jacket.

Montane Deep Heat     

Montane Deep Heat       

Pros: Staying warm in the extreme chilly condition

Cons: heavy

Weight: near about 11 oz

It is one of the best down jacket clinically crafted to keep hikers warm. The jackets offer good warmth as they’re water resistant and with 300 grams high loft. Hence you can stay warm all the time.

You can also keep your water bottles warm with the help of the internal mesh pocket. Also, the hood prevents from ice belays. The jacket is a bit tight at the chest and biceps so that you can have maximum mobility without disrupting the hem.

The Montane jackets have unconventional quilting patterns to hold the insulation at one place. Whereas in other jackets, the insulation varies on the placement of the baffle. But, in Montane deep heat hikers can get warmth around the arms and core.

Where other down jackets do not provide the same warmth. Due to strategic knitting, it enables hikers can move their upper part of their body freely. Still, the material of the jacket is on the heavier side.

Mountain Equipment Lightline

Mountain Equipment Lightline

Pros: Looks great, keeps you super warm and value for money.

Cons: Fill power is lower than various premium down jackets.

Weight: near about 10 oz.

Every hiker likes light line jacket from Mountain Equipment for proper fill weight of 10.4 ounces and has 700 fill down.

This makes the jacket a viable option for torrid conditions. Secondly, it gives proper windproofing and it is water resistant with a drilite shell. It also has a classy clean look and various color combinations and can be used for everyday use in winter.

Many jackets cannot offer such designs and features in this price. That’s why we think the Mountain Equipment Lightline jackets can be considered as one of the best down jacket for the hikers. But compared to other winter jackets with the Mountain Equipment Lightline, then it falls short.

The 700 fill down is standard but not ultra-premium. It is also a bit difficult to pack as it will not compress down easily. But, if you want to compromise the fill power then lighting is one best down jacket that keeps warm and looks great. It is versatile as well and won’t cost that much.   

Outdoor Research Transcendent

Outdoor Research Transcendent

Pros: Durable, comfy, budget friendly

Cons: Difficulty in packing

Weight:  >13.1 oz.

Outdoors Research Jackets are not the best down jackets for the hikers. They are some of the most useful jackets that you can get.

There are many transcendent version jackets and quite cheap if you compare with one of Patagonia. It offers warmth with 3.5 ounces of 650 fill down. Hikers can get Transcendent jackets as it has various colors with features like soft fleece hand pockets.

Now recently Outdoor Research added wider baffles, a softer shell, and lining. The insulation barely adds any kind of weight to the jackets. The latest design hs retained the basic outline of Transcendent down jackets which made it popular. Also, the Transcendent jacket cannot compete with the premium brands like Patagonia or Arc’teryx. But for a pocket-friendly price, many hikers opt this kind of jackets.

Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded

Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded

Pros: Functions like the high-end jackets, has better water resistance

Cons: Cuff design is not good, the jacket is heavy.

Weight:  up to 20 oz.

The Black Diamond Cold Forge is entirely different from the traditional jackets. It designs its jackets with a blend of synthetic and hybrid down. It offers all the features that you want from the premium quality products.

Thus, the Black diamond jackets are soft, cozy and keep your body warm. The Black diamond uses PrimaLoft with 30 percent synthetic and 70 percent down material. It is equal to 750 fill down and gives proper warmth like REI Magma.  

The brand uses synthetic material so that the down jackets can dry faster. But the cuff design is not that good as air can easily pass through this area. Apart from these minor issues, you can easily wear Black diamond jackets.

Patagonia Fitz Roy Down Parka

Patagonia Fitz Roy Down Parka

Pros: Hikers can get Warm and comfortable jackets

Cons: Expensive nothing striking about the jacket

Weight: < 22 oz.

The jacket is the updated version of the Patagonia down jacket and built for cold chilly conditions. You can get up to 8 ounces of 800 down fill and Pertex Quantum shell for moisture protection.

The jacket was relaunched with smaller baffles that looks like a Puffed-up down sweater. However, the Fitz Roy has a larger cut for extra coverage. It also has some high-end features like a compatible hood, two-way zipper, elastic cuffs that remain in place while hiking. But the jackets still looks like a city wear making it a convenient option for multiple uses.

Arc’ Teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Arc’ Teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Pros: Great Insulation and premium feel.

Cons: Slim fit and costly

Weight: more than 10 pounds

Arc’teryx products cost generally quite expensive but it performs well in extreme climate. Cerium LT Hoody is one of Arc’teryx leading products and one great piece of gear. The weight is around 10.8 ounces and has all the necessary features.

Hence due to this, the Cerium LT looks excellent. Another astounding feature of this jacket is that it uses down composite mapping. Arc’ teryx added little amount of Coreloft synthetic to the areas which have high chances of getting wet. Such as underarms, cuffs, collar, and shoulders.

And the rest of the jacket has premium feel like other branded down jackets. Unlike every other Arc’ teryx doesn’t have only down material. It has built a nice lightweight jacket which has all set of features and has a sleek design. But before choosing the Cerium LT Hoody you should be aware it is a slim fit jacket. And the fittings can vary man to man.

Rab Neutrino Pro

Rab Neutrino Pro

Pros: Lots of quality Amount of down.

Cons: To heavy for delivering performance and an unconventional left-hand zip

Weight: around 21 oz.

Rab is a UK based company famous for making jackets and outdoor clothing. Neutrino is an outstanding jacket built for hiking in the cold weather.

The company redesigned the jacket using Quantum Pro Shell that gives the down jacket a new sporty look. Overall the Neutrino has still the classic feel, which every hiker yearn for. But, the most important thing, Neutrino Pro is easy to pack and has 800 fill hydrophobic down. Whereas you are getting less feature from Arc’teryx, Patagonia. Its 20D shell gives a quality texture to the jacket and can offer solid weather resistance. The downsides of the Neutrino Pro its weight is around 21 ounces which are perfect for cold conditions.

A disadvantage of the jacket is that it needs a lot of time to get acclimatized with the left-handed zipper. If we keep these small issues aside, then overall it is good winter piece collection.

REI Co-op Magma 850 Down Hoodie

REI Co-op Magma 850 Down Hoodie

Pros:  Great Performance wise and have a premium feel at a standard cost.

Cons: Baggy fittings and a significant drop in the material quality.

Weight: 13.8 oz.

As we discussed earlier the REI Co-op Jacket as one of the best down jacket. But the company built a new version of down jackets, that is the Magma 850. As the name suggests, the down jacket uses 850 fill down. This makes packing easy and offers more warmth from its 650 fill counterparts.

The Magma 850 is quite impressive but falls short at some important areas. The finishing and fitting of one of the best jackets are not up to the mark like other hi-end down sweaters.

Thus we cannot keep the Magma 850 along with the Patagonia, Feathered Friends or Arc’teryx. The jacket has various small imperfections, like loose threading and faulty seams and hems. In addition to that, it has a boxy fit and performs quite average in harsh conditions. Hence that’s why make sure you analyze carefully while choosing the Magma 850 jackets.


Thus after reading list for the best down jacket for 2018-19. We hope that now you are aware of the different types of best down jackets for hiking and other outdoor activity.

For that, you need to choose a perfect jacket that will give you enough warmth and has a good fitting. Otherwise, if you carry a heavy jacket then the hiking becomes more challenging. That’s why hikers needs choose the best down jacket by doing a proper research.

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