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Hiking GPS

If you are a hiker and one of the scrupulous devotees of mother nature, finding pleasure in her lap, then the hiking GPS is a perfect companion for your adventurous trips. Hiking GPS can truly prove beneficial if you have such a plan in your mind now. Along with pleasure, hiking can even get you in some random accidents while in dangerous trails. Neither shouting nor your cellular phone can help you when you are miles apart from your familiar setting. In these situations, you can get help only from the real time GPS tracker, if you have one. With the help of the SOS button you can send alert and location information to the selected contacts. You can get the advantage of this life saving feature of GPS tracker if you are in danger.


Now, there are limitless benefits of GPS tracking for hikers. Also, they can protect the hikers from any kind of bad incident. In a panicking situation, the panic button of the device gives the power to the hikers to call for help, if needed. More importantly, this device is specially designed for such a situation. If you press the button for a long time it will send the rescue team your exact location.

For a safer trip you can rely on hiking GPS.

Things That Matter:

Size Of Unit vs. The Size Of Screen:

The weight increases with the large screen. And it is wise to go with the product of a lighter weight instead of the bigger screen.


In the winters, the button controlled hiking GPS are more beneficial than the other ones. But, wearing gloves it is quite difficult to use touch screen.

Advanced Features:

If you give importance to the features like barometer, electronic compass and wireless transmission then that will narrow the final choice of yours regarding the device.

Advanced GPS Features:

Most of the handheld GPS models provide basic things. Also, it depends on what you are choosing whether you will get the following advanced features or not. Let’s check the features:

Electronic Compass:

Most of the GPS receiver tells you the direction of your way when you are moving. But, you have a unit with electronic compass then the device will tell the direction you are facing even if you are standing still. With this feature you can select your destination from your rest stop too.

Preloaded Maps:

For instance, you can use the program that provides by the maker of your GPS after connecting it to your PC or Mac book. You will get a simple base map in every GPS unit.

Third-Party Maps And Software:

You can get some inexpensive maps online if you don’t want to purchase those high price maps from GPS makers.


For your convenience, the GPS receiver with the barometer/altimeter provides moreana accurate information than the other.

Wireless Data Transfer:

This particular feature will help you to communicate with the same-brand GPS units.

With its help you can easily share important data, e.g., routes, tracks etc.

Memory And Waypoint Totals:

You can store data as per the memory of the device allows you. So, the memory matters . Also, you can also expand the memory via microSD card. At the end of a thru-hik,e you can easily delete unwanted data before going to another thru-hike.

Geocaching features:

With this, you can manage the found caches easily by paperless geocaching. Now many of the units have the feature.

Digital Camera:

Unlike a cellular phone camera it allows you to get the details if the place where you clicked the photo.

Two-way Radio:

It is a very helpful feature for the rescue teams. You can communicate with your companions at the time of need .You can ever identify the particular place where the other members of your group are.

The Best Hiking GPS:

Here we will tell about some amazing hiking GPS that will really help you.

Garmin eTrex 20x GPS Unit:

Garmin eTrex 20x GPS Unit

The device has a lovable pocket-size. More of the users go for it because of its amazing features. Though some of the users dislike the toggle switch of the device it has some appreciating offerings. And, they are the lightweight, downloadable maps, plenty of storage place, a clear and bright screen, gentle on power use and even in thick woods.


Let’s have a look on the features that will surely attract you to take this device with you on hiking.

  • To begin with, it features a 2.2 in., 65k color display with increased (240 x 320 pixels) resolution that can be viewed in bright sunlight
  • Also, the WAAS-enabled receiver locates your position quickly and maintains reception under heavy cover
  • Compatibility with Russian Glonass system allows about 20% faster and more reliable satellite acquisition, helpful in challenging spots such as deep canyons or tall buildings
  • Again, it supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your eTrex – which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts
  • Also, the waterproof design meets IEC 60529 lPX7 standards (can be submerged to 1m for up to 30 min.)
  • Next, It has 3.7 GB memory that will help you to load a variety of maps as you need.
  • With all the above features it comes with a built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief that helps you navigate comfortably
  • Because of an array of compatible mounts in it, you can use eTrex on ATVs, bicycles, boats, as a handheld, or in your car
  • More importantly, the charge of the batteries  last up to 25 hrs. of use
  • Also, you can store additional data to MicroSD card slot for storing additional data

The Specifications:

Best Use: Hiking

Preloaded Map: None

Basemap: Yes

OS Compatibility: WIndows / Mac

Display Size: 2.2 inches

Screen Pixels: 240*320

Visual Map Display: Yes

Color Screen: Yes

Number Of Routes: 200

Number Of Waypoints: 2000

Internal Memory: 3.7 GB internal/expandable gigabytes

Expandable Memory: Yes

Altimeter: Satellite-based

Quad Helix Antenna: No

Compact Antenna: Yes

Position Accuracy: WAAS-enabled 3 meters

Battery Type: NiMH

Batteries: 2 AA

Average Battery Life: 25 hours

Dimensions: 2.1 x 4.0 x 1.3 inches

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX7

Weight: 5 ounces

The product can prove itself great for geocaching and hiking.

Garmin Oregon 750t GPS:

Garmin Oregon 750t GPS

This is one of the most sensitive Garmin units. It acquires quickly and works well in marginal environments. Even you can use its camera to capture decent geo referenced photos. Than any other products it holds more waypoints.


It’s features are also quite reliable. Let’s see:

  • Built-in digital camera features an 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash/torch; automatic geotagging lets you navigate back to the exact spot
  • Preloaded with 100K topographic mapping data for the entire U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and a worldwide basemap with shaded relief
  • Includes a 1 year BirdsEye satellite imagery subscription for real-life terrain views
  • High-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception allows you to track satellites in more challenging environments than GPS alone
  • Connect IQ compatibility lets you customize the GPS with data fields, widgets and apps; find what you like or build your own
  • Compatible with Garmin BaseCamp, free trip-planning software that lets you view and organize maps, waypoints, routes and tracks
  • Ergonomic, rugged design is water-rated to IPX7 standard and it stands strong against dust, dirt and humidity too
  • 8 GB internal memory; microSD card slot For optional mapping and data storage
  • Dual battery system that includes NiMH rechargeable internal pack. After each charge the battery lasts for 16 hours.
  • Comes with a USB cable, AC adapter, carabiner clip and user documentation
  • Editors’ Choice Gold Award winner for the Best Backpacking Gear of the Year (2018) by Backpacker magazine
  • 3-axis, tilt-compensated electronic compass with accelerometer shows what direction you’re heading, even when standing still; barometric altimeter helps pinpoint your altitude
  • 3 in.the sunlight-readable touch-screen is reinforced for impact resistance; dual orientation display lets you view maps and data in portrait or landscape mode
  • Simplified multi-activity menu interface includes activity profiles for climb, hike, hunt, bike, geocache, fish and more
  • Active Weather support with animated radar overlays helps you stay one step ahead of the conditions
  • While you are on the go the Geocaching Live feature makes it easy to find and download caches


Best Use: Hiking

Preloaded Map: Road/Topo

Basemap: Yes

Wireless Communication: Yes

OS Compatibility: Windows / Mac

Camera : Yes

Display Size: 2.5 * 1.5 inches

Screen Pixels: 240*400

Touch Screen: Yes

Visual Map Display: Yes

Color Screen: Yes

Number of Waypoints: 10,000

Internal Memory: 8 gigabytes

Expandable Memory: Yes

Compass: Yes

Altimeter: Pressure-based

Quad Helix Antenna: Yes

Compact Antenna: Yes

Position Accuracy: WAAS-enabled 3 meters

Battery Type: NiMH

Batteries: Rechargeable NiMH

Average Battery Life: 16 hours

Dimensions: 4.5 *2.4*1.3 inches

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX7

Weight: 7.4 ounces

Some users were disappointed about its battery life. But, the simple smartphone-like operations makes it attractive to many of the hikers.

Garmin Foretrex 601 GPS:

Garmin Foretrex 601 GPS

The excellent display in both the direct sunlight and lowlight and the fast operation, programming and menu structure make it one of the first choices of the hikers.

Even, with the help of the Bluetooth, you connect it with your iPhone. But, to upload and download track, route and waypoint data you have to connect it to the computer.

Exceptional Feature:

Let’s go through the features:

  • 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass and a barometric altimeter help you know exactly where you are
  • If you use the Garmin Connect Mobile app and LiveTrack feature within cellular coverage it will allow others to follow your journey
  • The device works with GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite systems to provide accurate positioning
  • It efficiently receives notification of emails, texts and alerts on the device and you can even upload data to Garmin Connect
  • In navigation mode, up to 1 week in UltraTrac mode and up to 1 month in watch mode you can get an exceeding battery life 48 hrs
  • Includes hook-and-loop wrist strap and strap extender; no tools required to install the particular feature.
  • This device is much tougher than the need.And, this durable unit is constructed to military standards of MIL-STD-810G for thermal, shock and water performance
  • NVG mode makes screen compatible with night-vision goggles
  • Sensor compatibility is more than enough. The heart rate strap, speed/cadence sensor, Garmin VIRB action camera, Garmin tempe temperature sensor are there

The Specifications:

Best Use: Hiking, Backpacking Skiing, Backpacking

Basemap: Yes

Wireless Communication: Yes

OS Compatibility: Windows / Mac

Display Size: 2 inches

Screen Pixels: 200*128 pixels

Number of Routes: 20

Number of Waypoints: 500

Compass: Yes

Altimeter: Pressure-based

Battery Type: Alkaline

Batteries: 2 AAA (sold separately)

Average Battery Life: Navigation mode: 48 hrs.; UltraTrac battery saver mode: 1 week; watch mode: 1 month

Dimensions: 2.9*1.7*0.9 inches

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX7

Weight: 3.1 ounces (including batteries)

It is one of the most recommended device by the hikers.

Garmin Foretrex 701 GPS:

Garmin Foretrex 701 GPS

This product is quite helpful. You can easily rely on it. It has some outstanding features. Let’s go through them:

Unique Features:

  • 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass and a barometric altimeter help you know exactly where you are
  • Allow others to follow your journey when you use the Garmin Connect Mobile app and LiveTrack feature quite easily within cellular coverage
  • Works with GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite systems to provide accurate positioning
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries that sold separately; battery life exceeds 48 hrs. in navigation mode, up to 1 week in UltraTrac mode and up to 1 month in watch mode
  • Includes hook-and-loop wrist strap and strap extender; compatible with Garmin QuickFit 26 bands not included; no tools required to install
  • Receive notification of emails, texts and alerts on the device and upload data to Garmin Connect
  • Tougher than it needs to be, this durable unit is constructed to military standards MIL-STD-810G for thermal, shock and water performance
  • NVG mode makes screen compatible with night-vision goggles; included Applied Ballistics Elite software calculates aiming solutions for long-range shooting
  • The sensor compatibility of this device is wonderful. It includes the heart rate strap, speed or cadence sensor, Garmin tempe temperature sensor, Garmin VIRB action camera


Best Use: Hiking, Backpacking, Backcountry Skiing

Basemap: Yes

Wireless Communication: Yes

OS Compatibility: Windows / Mac

Display Size: 2 inches

Screen Pixels: 200 * 128 pixels

Number of Routes: 20

Number of Waypoints: 500

Compass: Yes

Altimeter: Pressure-based

Battery Type: Alkaline

Batteries: 2 AAA

Average Battery Life: Navigation mode: 48 hrs.; UltraTrac battery saver mode: 1 week; watch mode: 1 month

Dimensions: 2.9 * 1.7 * 0.9 inches

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX7

Weight: 3.1 ounces including the battery

SPOT Trace GPS Tracker:

SPOT Trace GPS Tracker

The product is well known for its multipurpose quality. Let’s know about its features and specifications:


  • First, the Satellite network tracks the whereabouts of your vehicle, boat or other mobile assets on your online SPOT account, and sends a text/email message when new movement is detected
  • Secondly, the Motion-activated tracking uses vibration sensors to send GPS coordinates only when Trace is moving; when stationary for 5 minutes, Trace enters Suspended Track mode
  • Also, the SPOT Trace GPS Tracker operates in temperatures ranging from -22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C) and from -328 to 21,320 ft. (-100 to 6,500m) altitude
  • Again, it Includes 4 AAA rechargeable lithium batteries that last up to 4.5 months (with clear skies and tracking movement of 1 hour per day at 5 min. intervals)
  • Apart from that, an Optional line power is also available via microUSB port (cable not included)
  • Note: Trace requires an active SPOT subscription, credit card information and valid email address; current SPOT customers can log into existing accounts to activate Trace
  • Also, the Automatic Stop Message from the resting location at the next tracking interval lets you know your asset is no longer moving
  • The SPOT Trace GPS Tracker also sends Daily Status, Low Battery and Power Off alerts
  • For a boat, Dock mode helps eliminate false tracks caused by wave movement
  • Compact size helps ensure easy, unnoticeable mounting; includes reversible mounting bracket, industrial double-sided tape, adhesive grip pad and adhesive hook-and-loop strips


Best Use: Multisport

Batteries: 4 AAA lithium

Dimensions: 2.69*2.02*0.96 inches

Weight: 3.1 oz

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS:

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

You will never be lost your way if you use this particular product, as you can retrace your steps with the help of it easily. For sure, it will not be a bad purchase.


  • Features high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix so that there is improved performance and reception in heavy tree cover or deep canyons
  • Also, the TracBack feature retraces user’s path on the easy-to-read LCD display; Display resolution 100 x 64 pixels;
  • Battery life: Up to 17 hours in GPS mode; Track Log 10000.
  • Display size : 1.42 x 0.91 inches
  • Supports dual position readout so the user can view current location in multiple formats.
  • Audible tones.
  • Again, it holds the compass level when navigating to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Apart from that, it features trip computer, sunrise/sunset times, hunting/fishing information, electronic compass and barometric altimeter
  • It also keeps track of routes, tracks and waypoints, and heart rate with add on heart rate monitor (sold separate).
  • In addition to all these, it uses standard AAA batteries.


This is a slim wrist-mounted GPS that you can take with you in any kind of outdoor activities. You need both your hands to operate it. You can send data both wirelessly and by using USB. It has a high sensitivity waterproof GPS receiver and contains electronic compass, barometric altimeter.

Here, it is needless to say how helpful this device is. It supports MGRS maps too. Though it does not support topographic maps, overall it is a good product.

Garmin inReach Mini 2-Way Satellite Communicator

Garmin inReach Mini 2-Way Satellite Communicator

Exchange text messages while beyond cellular range with any cell phone, email address or inReach device (satellite subscription is required).


  • Iridium satellite network ensures 100% pole-to-pole coverage with no gaps or fringe areas
  • Built-in, high-sensitivity GPS provides basic navigation, location and tracking data within 5 meters; follow routes and drop waypoints
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 50 hrs. of battery life in 10 min. tracking mode
  • Rugged, impact resistant and water-rated to IPX7—easily withstands rain, snow, splashes and incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 min.
  • Track and share your journey online, so your family and friends can follow along with your adventures
  • Also, cell service is not required to navigate on your phone using the paired app; maps are downloaded to your device for access anywhere, anytime
  • Alongside, it has the Optional inReach weather forecast service provides detailed updates directly to your inReach Mini or paired device; basic and premium weather packages available
  • Send and receive inReach messages through compatible Garmin devices, including connected wearables and handhelds (additional devices sold separately)
  • Compatible devices include Fenix 5/5S/5X watches, Fenix Chronos, Tactix Charlie, Quatix 5 and Forerunner 935 (all sold separately)
  • In case of an emergency in the backcountry, trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center (satellite subscription required)
  • Pair with mobile devices using the free Earthmate® app for easier messaging and access to topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts, color aerial imagery and more
  • Includes USB cable, carabiner clip and spine-mount adapter


Best Use: Emergency Preparedness, Backpacking

GPS/Satellite Detectable: Yes

Average Battery Life:50 hrs. (10 min. tracking intervals)

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Batteries: Rechargeable internal lithium ion

Messaging Capability: 2-Way Messaging

SOS Function: Yes

Device Integration: Smartphone, Watch

Location Accuracy: 3 meters

Number of Waypoints: 500

Weather Forecast: Yes

Compass: Yes

Altimeter: No

Display Size: 0.9 x 0.9 inches

Certification: Approved by FCC

Waterproof: Yes

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX7

Dimensions: 3.9 x 2 x 1 inches

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Sustainability: Contains recycled materials

Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld Navigator

Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld Navigator

Honestly, it is one of the best GPS that you can take with you for hiking in 2019. Its amazing features for sure attract you. Have a look.

Features And Specifications:

  • To begin with, it contains an UPGRADED DISPLAY that features a 2.2” 65K color sunlight readable display offering an increased resolution (240 x 320 pixels). Physical dimensions: 2.1″ x 4.0″ x 1.3″ (5.4 x 10.3 x 3.3 cm)
  • After that the LOAD MORE MAPS. And with that the Large 3.7 GB of internal memory and microSD card slot lets you load a variety of maps, including TOPO 24K, HuntView, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (subscription required)
  • Also, you get a PRELOADED BASEMAP, that will help you a lot. It includes a worldwide basemap with shaded relief
  • BUILT-IN SENSORS – eTrex 30x adds a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass and a barometric altimeter which tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude, and you even can use it to plot barometric pressure over time
  • WIRELESS – Wirelessly share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches with other compatible devices -simply press “send” to transfer your information -also wirelessly connects to compatible Garmin devices, including VIRB and accessory sensors.

Trust me it can be one of the best bet for hiking safely.

Garmin eTrex 30 GPS:

Garmin eTrex 30 GPS

With some outstanding features and specification, this Garmin eTrex 30 model is also in the long run. It will prove itself helpful at the time of your need.

Let’s go through its outstanding features and its specifications.

Features and Specifications:

  • First, it has a rugged handheld navigator with preloaded worldwide relief basemap and 2.2-inch color display
  • Secondly, the WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with HotFix and GLONASS support for fast positioning and a reliable signal
  • Third, the built-in 3-axis electronic compass always shows your heading; barometric altimeter pinpoints your precise altitude
  • Also, it is compatible with topographic, marine, and road maps–TOPO U.S. 24K, BlueChart g2, City Navigator, etc.
  • More importantly, it is powered with two AA batteries; waterproof to IPX7 standards for protection against splashes, rain, etc.

You can take it with you at every trail.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver:

It has many preloaded features with new and expert hikers. It will give you an outstanding bluetooth feature. And, the 16 hour battery life takes it to another dimensions. Let’s check the excellent features of the product:

Features And Specs:

  • The color display is 2.6″.
  • Display size-1.43 x 2.15 inches and 2.6 inch diag (6.6 cm).
  • Battery life-16 hours.
  • Water rating IPX7
  • Expanded Internal Memory 8GB.
  • Display resolution 160 x 240 pixels.
  • High-speed USB and NMEA 0183 compatible interface
  • Dual Battery System Use with 2 traditional AA batteries but it works best with Polaroid AA batteries
  • With the optional rechargeable NiMH battery you can be charge it inside the device.
  • Including the batteries the weight is weight 8.1 oz (230 g)
  • Receive Smart Notifications  
  • Pair with optional ANT+ sensors, such as heart rate monitor, Tempe temperature sensor, speed/cadence, or use to control your VIRB action camera (64s/64st only)
  • Wirelessly upload data to Garmin Connect and view on smartphone, plus share activities as they happen with Live Track (64s/64st only).3-axis compass with barometric altimeter

In every way, in any kind of bad situation, with this product you can get a lot of help.

Garmin Oregon 650t:

Garmin Oregon 650t

With a perfect camera and LED flashlight, it raises its label. Also, it is efficient to obtain an accurate fix on your position. With a perfect size and shape, it will fit into your palm, pocket or into a pack very well.

Let’s check the features and specifications of this product once.

  • 3-Inch sunlight-readable, touchscreen display with multi-touch capability
  • Dual-band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning
  • Sensors (3-axis compass, accelerometer, barometric altimeter)
  • ANT or Bluetooth technology -wirelessly share routes, tracks, waypoints, geocaches, custom maps and photos between units Dual orientation – auto switching between landscape or portrait views
  • Dual battery system -2 AA batteries or NiMH battery pack charged by the Oregon (battery pack included with 650/650t; optional with 600/600t) 8MP autofocus camera (650, 650t only) with LED flash/torch and digital zoom

Garmin Montana 680t:

Garmin Montana 680t

With the preloaded geocaches, high sensitivity GPS receiver, satellite prediction and an amazing track manager this product is worthy of praise. Look at it features and specifications once.

  • PRELOADED GEOCACHES – 250,000 preloaded worldwide geocaches from Geocaching.com
  • SEE YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Thankfully, it includes a 1-year Birdseye Satellite Imagery subscription 1
  • GPS AND GLONASS – With its high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, Hotfix satellite prediction and GLONASS support, Montana locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its location even in heavy cover and deep canyons
  • TRACK MANAGER – Also, it has the ability to organize and navigate through waypoints/routes/track logs (easily start/stop recording track logs)
  • CAPTURE THE MOMENT – 8 megapixel digital camera for higher quality images and better resolution; geotagged with coordinates automatically, allowing you to capture the moment you are in.

Things To Remember:

Whenever you are buying this life-saving product, you should take care of some important things. So, check its case and construction very well. It should be water-resistant. Durability is another quality that matters.

Also, check the battery life and it should be upto 10 hours. For a good map overview, the display should be high-quality.

The long journey and the uneven ways require lightweight gears.

As planning software allows us to create routes and waypoints it will be great if the device comes with a planning software.

Features and positioning technologies are also important.

You have lots of choices regarding GPS on the market. It’s really necessary to point out the proper GPS as per your need. You will find a lot of devices that include a handful of features in them, more than you need. So, before purchasing one of them don’t forget to think about your requirements. For sure, you won’t like to pay for that what you don’t need. So, think twice about the features what you want in your GPS tracker before buying it. Also, some of the GPS offers you higher reliability and an equal amount of accuracy and lots of robust features in reasonable price. Hope the article will help you to choose the right companion at the time of your hiking. Have a happy and safe hiking. All the best.

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