The Best Hiking Jackets For All The Time

Best Hiking Jackets

Sometimes low temperature stand as an obstacle to us. But, if we dress correctly, we can avoid this obstacle to a great extent. Thus, you can hope to stay absolutely warm and comfortable during the winter season. The hiking jackets trap the warmth of your body within and keep your body warm. It works as a shell which protects you from different harshnesses like wind, snow, and rain.

If you are going to travel to cold places, you should carry these hiking jackets. So that you can enjoy the cold and the snow. You can go for skating as well which will give you a great experience. Nevertheless, wearing jackets are a personal choice. It surely depends from person to person when it comes to the decision that if the person wants to wear jackets or something else. But, most of them, have been discovered to be preferring jackets during the winters.

The lightweight jackets have a high demand and also very trending in fashion. The opinion for the best hiking jackets varies from individual to individual. Now, below are some of our choices which we consider one of the best hiking jackets.

Outdoor Research Interstellar:

Outdoor Research Interstellar

Outdoor Research Interstellar is fit for all three-season. It comes with the hood which works as your helmet — this one of the lightweight jackets. All the sizes are available so you can choose that accordingly. You have to spend only 299 dollars for this jacket. The jacket has good longevity so it will last for a longer time.


  • You can wear in all the season.
  • The jackets come with a hood which can work as your helmet.
  • You won’t feel the weight as it is the lighter one.

So, considering all the facts we can recommend this article if you are looking for a jacket which shall bring in comfort throughout the year. So, this will be a one you can go for without any hesitation.

Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite II:

Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite II

Though Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite II bit heavy it looks so classy. It has a helmet compatible hood which drives rain away. It also has four pockets which give you enough storage. The jackets are durable. Thanks to 2.5- layer nylon Dry. Q Which is one of the elite fabric?


  • Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite II is bit heavy comparing with others in the list.
  • You get enough pockets which give you a good amount of storage.
  • The fabric quality is excellent and elite.
  • This jacket comes with helmet compatible hood.

Patagonia Strome Racer:

Patagonia Strome Racer

Patagonia Strome Racer has durability and also very light to wear. This jacket is very soft and comfortable. While you wear this, you won’t get any plasticky feel. You have spent around 249 dollars to acquire this jackets.


  • Patagonia Strome Racer is very light.
  • No plasticky feel you observe while wearing that.

Marmot EVODry:

Marmot EVODry

Marmot EVODry made by EVODry fabric. This is a waterproof and breathable shell where DWR won’t get a leak. These jackets are specially designed for men. The Quality of the zipper and fabric are extraordinary. It has solution dying saves which saves water and also decrease the pollution level. The price of this jacket will be 250 dollars.


  • Marmot EVODry is waterproof.
  • It decreases the pollution level.
  • The design will surely make the men’s delighted.
  • The quality of the fabric and the zipper is very good. So the durability won’t be a concern for this jackets.

Marmot Pre-Cip:

Marmot Pre-Cip

Marmot Pre-Cip is designed to protect you from rain, Though you can use it during winter a well. This jacket has become very popular with so many features. This is a light jacket, but not the lightest in the list. This jacket has a minimum weight, useful functionality, and affordable. It also has the stowable hood, pit zip, and hand pockets.
So, with all these features and considering the price factor, this will be a good choice for the people who are looking for a light jacket for rain.

  • This mostly protects you from the rain.
  • The jacket is very light. And won’t give you the feeling that you are wearing something bulky.
  • It won’t give much stress on your pocket. Marmot Pre-Cip is one affordable one.

OR Helium II:

OR Helium II

OR Helium II is one of the lightest in the list.This jacket is made for men’s as well as for women. This has a great amount of comfort and if we talk about the style it won’t disappoint you. This jacket is very simple as per look and useful too. It has one single chest pocket. It has no pit zip, front pockets, no adjustable.

If you are looking for a rain jacket, this will be a good option.

The North Face Summit L5 Gore-Tex Pro Jacket:

The North Face Summit L5 Gore Tex Pro Jacket

The North Face Summit L5 Gore-Tex Pro Jacket is perfect with a good outer layer shell which will accommodate a broad range of mid layers.


  • This is a waterproof jacket.
  • The Gore-Tex Pro fabric is one the substance which used in this jacket to protect you from the water.
  • This has a helmet compatible hood which is also adjustable.
  • It comes with large Zippered Chest pocket.
  • Polyurethane pit zip gives you ample amount of heat which keeps your body warm.
  • This jacket has a two-way zipper.

After considering all the features, we can say this is one of the best jackets concerning the design, performance, and durability. And if you want to buy this jacket, you have to spend around 650 dollars. The price might seem a bit high, But it’s loaded with all the great feature. So, this won’t disappoint you, and you get your full money worth.

Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow:

Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow

Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow is known for the breathable H2No performance. The jacket is lightweight. This is also very affordable. You have to spend 199 dollars to own this jacket.


  • Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow is waterproof.
  • This also breathable as it uses H2No.
  • It also has a helmet compatible hood. And also an adjustable hook design.
  • The jacket has watertight, Coated front zipper.
  • The jacket has used fine fabric which gives you the durability.

Rab Kinetic Plus:

Rab Kinetic Plus

Rab kinetic Plus jackets are designed for men and women both. This jacket is used Proflex material which is a very durable and great quality. It will give you good comfort and this is also highly breathable. This seems to be a very soft shell jacket which also protects you from the rain.


  • Rab Kinetic Plus is preferred for winter wear. It has won the Editor choice award in the year 2017.
  • The fabric is stretchable so that it would be comfortable for you.
  • This jacket keeps moisture away.
  • Water-resistant zipper, one on the front and another on hand pockets.
    It’s a slim fit outfit.

Montane Minimus:

Montane Minimus

This is one of the most stylish and gives you a great look. Montane Minimus also a very light one in our list. The quality of this jacket is extremely good and precision tailoring. It has an adjustable hood, chest zipper pocket.

It seems to be bit expensive but yet Montane Minimus justify its price.


  • Montane Minimus is the light one. If wear throughout the day you don’t feel anything bulk on your shoulder. It’s weight approximately 7.5 oz
  • The quality of this jacket is high. The premium fabric is used for this jacket so that it gives you a great look.
  • As it is stylish, it will grab people’s attention when you will be wearing that.

My Trail Co Strom UL:

This jacket seems to be good and justify the price. This is one of the economical jackets we have on our list. Tough some of the material used in this jacket is economical but yet it comes with a good number of features. It has a velcro wrist cuffs which is very handy to use, pit zip which keeps the body temperature within, and adjustable hood which functions as a helmet to protect your head from snow and rain.

This jacket is stylish tough it’s economical. This will also give you a good amount of comfort. Mostly this is suitable in rain. This will definitely give you good protection from rain


  • This is very economical with all the basic feature available.
  • The jackets look stylish and attractive too.
  • This jackets well to protect you from the rail. But if you want you can also use that in the winter season

MontBell Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka:

MontBell Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka

The MontBell Plasma 1000 is becoming one of the most favorites jackets. The quality of this particular products is exceptionally well. It is one of the most useful while it comes to give you warmth. You really feel great to wear this jackets. The jacket feels very light if you wear that. It weighs approximately 8.4 oz which quite alright. When we talk about comforts this jacket won’t let you down. You feel a great comfort while wearing this jacket. As this jacket is puffy so doing any work after wearing this jacket might give you little trouble.


  • The jackets provide you the great amount of warmth.
  • This is one of the feature loaded jackets. It has almost all the feature which can give you the inspiration to buy this product.
  • You will find this jacket most comfortable. So if you are looking a kind of jacket which has good comfort, you can definitely go for this without any hesitation.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost  Whisperer:

Mountain Hardwear Ghost  Whisperer

The Ghost Whisperer is built for both men and women. This jacket seems to be very stylish, attractive, and ample warmth ness within this. You will get almost all the required feature which you might be looking in any jackets. This jacket is not heavy at all, so this is the lightweight hiking. The material used for this particular jackets is premium, that’s why the price goes a bit high, but this jacket justifies the price.


  • Ghost Whisperer will provide you with great comfort and the same time great amount ot warmth.
  • It looks very stylish, and at the same time very premium.
  • The another highlighted feature of this jacket is comforting. If in your list comfort is the topmost priority, this product is certainly for you.

Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody:

Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody

The Puff Hoody is most warmth providing jackets in our list. This is one of our most favorite hiking jackets. From the warmth ness aspect, this is the most suitable one or the best one you can say. These jackets look slim and also has a great fitting. You won’t feel heavy while wearing this jacket as this one is light. Yes, this jacket seems to be bit costly but still, you get all your money worth. This jacket could serve you in all of the three seasons.


The Puff Hoody is the most warmth as far as our research. So if you are looking for the most warmth jacket you can definitely go for this.

It looks very stylish, and at the same time very premium. The design looks very classy and attractive.

Denali 2 Women’s Jacket(The North Face):

Denali 2 Women's Jacket

Denali 2 jackets are preferably built for women. This jacket is also well known by another name The North Face. DWR has been used to protect this jacket from the water. So that it protect the jacket from the rain or water. the zipper is attached to hand pockets and cover chest pocket. The jackets seem to be trendy and lightweight.


  • This jacket is very trendy and at the same time very stylish.
  • This is not going to give much stress in your pockets. The North East actually very affordable. It will cost you around 133 dollars.
  • So many colors are available when it comes to this procut. So, you can choose your right color accordingly.

Panorama Point Rain Jacket:

Panorama Point Rain Jacket

The Panorama Jacket is mainly built to protect you from the rain. But this can also add some adventure to your life. This design will make you feel great. You can wear this on any adventurous trip as it will protect you from the rain. You can also wear this during winter. It will protect you from cold air and from snow too. It is comfortable and looks quite trendy. The Panorama Point Rain Jacket is not expensive. This will cost you around 124 dollars.


  • The main highlight for this jacket is, this will greatly protect you from the rain or water and at the same time from snow or the cold wind.
  • It is really not going to hit your pocket. It is a very affordable one.
  • You can use this jackets while going on any trip. This will surely enhance your adventure experience.

Wayfarer jacket for women’s(Marmot):

Wayfarer jacket for women's(Marmot)

The wayfarer jacket looks very cool and trendy. The jacket is specially built for women. It is very lightweight. so you carry that anywhere with no difficulties. You can also carry this jacket on any adventurous trip so that this jacket will keep you dry and gives u a great comfort.

This is a waterproof jacket with Gore-Tex fabric. Zipper attached to all the pocket which makes the jacket more attractive. This product is made of nylon so it has a good durability.


  • This will give you great protection from the rain or the water.
  • It has an elastic hood which will get adjusted according to the size.
  • The Wayfarer  Jacket is very light so you can carry that anywhere.

Ascendant 2018 Insulated Jacket For Women:

Ascendant 2018 Insulated Jacket For Women

Ascendant Insulated jacket is a weather resistant substance which gives you the warmness. This is also a waterproof jacket so this will also protect you from the rain or the water. Cuffs are also extended to the warmth. There is also a shell fabric which will protect you from the water. This product is also made by nylon so it gives a great life or longevity. This jacket will cost you around 149 dollars.


  • This is one of the weather resistant jackets which protect you from the cold weather and at the same time from the rain.
  • It also has thumb holes which makes the product good as per its value.

Crossover Anorak Jacket(For Men’s):

Crossover Anorak Jacket

The Crossover Anorak is made of breathable fabric. It locks your temperature within your body so that you won’t feel cold. It also doesn’t allow the outer wind to enter. And that’s how it keeps your body warmth for a longer time. This jacket is made by nylon plane wave so that it is not going to tear easily. If you are hood lover this won’t disappoint you, Crossover Anorak comes with a hood attached. It also has a pit zips for the good ventilation system. It is not the heavy one so you won’t feel the heaviness while putting it on throughout the day.


  • The important highlight of this jacket is, it has two layers of breathable fabric.
  • The pit zips another highlighted feature for this product.

Covert Hoodie Fleece Jacket for women’s:

Covert Hoodie Fleece Jacket

The Covert Hoodie Jacket made of polyester fleece which makes product durable in nature. It has a hood attached. The hood also protects you from the cold. It has a laminated zipper which enhances the beauty of the jacket. This jacket designed and crafted for women. Three color available and also different sizes.


  • The Covert Hoodie Fleece is the breathable jacket with a soft hoodie attached. The hoodie is very cozy so this will a great comfort.
  • This product is useful in both seasons. This jacket will protect you from snow and from the rain as well.

Ama Dablam Down Jacket For women’s:

Ama Dablam Down Jacket

The Ama Dablam Jacket is one of the reliable when it comes for warmness. Due to the light weight of this jacket, you carry this anywhere you want and also that won’t feel bulky even if you wear throughout the day. The Ripstop polyester is the main material which has been used to make this product. As per as the weight concern it’s only 1 Ib. 1 oz. The angle-wing also used in this jacket so while moving your hand you won’t face any difficulties. It also uses the elastic cuff which let you adjust or seal the cold.


  • The jacket is amazingly lightweight which can be one of the highlighted points of this jacket.
  • The good quality of nylon used to make this product which gives the product extremely durable.

CompressLite II Insulated Jacket:

CompressLite II Insulated Jacket

The CompressLite jacket is another warmth jacket in our list. This jacket will protect you from the cold to the great extent. The polyester is the main material used to make this jacket. This is one of the most economical jackets in the category. It has weight around 1 Ib 0.8 oz which is very light. So you can wear this jacket for a longer time.


Here are some important highlights of this product:

  • The jacket is made by polyester so that there be a great amount of longevity you can expect.
  • This jacket is also a lighter one so wearing for a long time won’t be an issue.

Air Cocoon Down Hoodie Jackets for Women’s:

Air Cocoon Down Hoodie Jackets

The Air Cocoon Down jacket gives you the great warmness. This is built by using Pertex Quantum nylon. It locked the air within your body so that your body will be warm for a longer time.


  • Materials are used to built this jacket are premium. So there will be no doubt regarding the quality of the product.
  • It serves you in both cases whether it’s snowfall or raining. However, it can protect you only from light rain or snow.

Minimalist  Rain Jacket(Marmot):

Minimalist  Rain Jacket

The minimalist Jacket is specially designed to protect you from the rain. The polyester has been using to make this product. It is a waterproof jacket at the same time it’s windproof. So we can say that it will give you the dual protection. That means it will protect you from rain and during winter it will also save you from the cold wind.


  • Gore-Tex PacLite 2.5 has been used to make this product waterproof or snowproof and also breathable.
  • It also has a hood which designed accurately as it is made for women.

Wanderer Jacket For women:

Wanderer Jacket For women

The wanderer is specially designed for women keeping the styling trend in the mind. Polyester has been used for this product is around 96% and elastane is used around 4%. This is one of the casual jackets which can use on an everyday basis. The jacket is bit cozy warmth. There are three colors available, so you can select that accordingly. The jacket is affordable. This will cost you only 83 dollars.


  • This jacket has a very simple look and design. People who really don’t any funky style they can go for this jacket.
  • It will give you good warmness and also protect you from the cold wind.
  • Wanderer Jacket will cost you very less so this won’t give much stress in your pocket.

So, as of now, we have discussed all the top searched or suitable hiking jackets for you. You can also compare all the products from your end and get your own according to your requirements.

If the product has a small life, then it is really a waste of your time wasting much time on it. Moreover, as the jackets are not only for the protection but also for the enhancement of our appearance, you should go for it wisely.
We are hopeful that this article will definitely help you to buy the hiking jacket.

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