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Hiking poles are as essential as the other hiking equipments that you actually need at the time of hiking. These stuffs are able to give you the stability and support that you really need at the time of hiking through all types of terrain. Some important things that you should keep in mind at the time of hiking are: what kind of poles do you need? ; the right length and the features of course. And it’s really important to get some useful tips for how to use hiking poles? In this article we will give you a complete knowledge on the top hiking poles and their features.

How Would You Choose The Best Hiking Poles For You?

The factors which one should put in their mind before choosing a pair of hiking poles are budget, weight and the suitable height. To check the right height for you what you have to do is just stand straight, put your hiking shoes on while doing this, and bend your arm to a 90 degree angle. And then, calculate the length measure from the floor to your elbow.

If you are of 5’1” or under, then you have to choose a 100-cm pole. If you are approx 5’7”, then choose 110-cm pole. And, if you are a hiker in the range of 5’8” to 5’11” then no doubt that you need a 120-cm pole. But, if you are taller than that and you are of 6 foot, then you should go with 130-cm poles.

You will also find many hiking poles that are adjustable on the fly. You can adjust them as per your need.

Top Hiking Poles In The World Of Hiking:

Black Diamond Trail Hiking Poles:

Black Diamond Trail Hiking Poles


Black Diamond is a premier manufacturer company that produces a number of outdoor use products. And, they include headlamp and trekking poles too. The Black Diamond Hiking Poles are one of the best hiking poles in the market. Let’s see their quality and helpfulness in details.


As the poles move relatively more than the hiker’s body and backpack, the weight of the poles does matter. And the weight of the pair is 17.2 oz, when most of the enthusiast hikes prefer 16 oz sans straps and baskets.


The product is quite expensive too. But, it goes with the built quality and specs i.e. telescoping, lever-style locks, 3-piece, cork grips and extensions, carbon fiber shafts.


These poles are stiff, durable, and secure at the same time. The locks are not slippery. And, they do not wiggle or corrode. The poles don’t break until someone abuse it extremely. No lighter pole can give such support.


These poles are collapsable and the feature makes it more popular. If you are a regular hiker then it’s really a great choice to choose the product. You don’t need to check the poles separately and it does not have any risk of breaking it by baggage handlers.

The Cork Grips + Foam Extensions:

Among the grips the cork grips are the best as they are durable, slightly absorbent and soft at the same time. They also have a proper amount of friction. When, the plastic grips are not comfortable and slippery, on bare hands the rubber grips are very abrasive. Though the foam grips are nice, they are not as durable as the cork grip.

The foam extension grips below the primary cork grip will give you much more secure grip than any other narrow pole shift. And they are dedicated to give you an improved balance and leverage at the time of your hiking through steeply uphill or side-hills.


Most of the people who used it already, strongly recommend these poles. Trust me you won’t regret the purchase of those poles as they are fully-featured and robust hiking poles.

Costco Hiking Poles:

Costco Hiking Poles

These are out of the box hiking poles in a reasonable price. You can abuse these poles through the everyday hiking. Let’s check its features:


When it comes to the hiking poles the grips come first.

  • The Cork Grips: It is proven that the cork grips are quite more comfortable than the plastic grips. It is really helpful when your hands are sweaty.
  • The Foam Extended Grips: The foam extended grips are super comfortable and perfect for uphill hiking. You can use these extended grips as the help at the time of climbing a steep hill. And, even at the time of a lazy stroll you can use them when a serious trekking power is not in demund.

Quality Of The Straps:

  • Comfort: The straps of these poles are really comfortable. Though the straps are not so hand specific these will fit to your longer hikes. You can make them hand specific by taking the strap lock apart.
  • The ability of adjustment: The adjustability of the straps are really great. They do not slip at all. There is a wedge is jamming the handle that prevents the straps from slipping.

The Flip Locks:

Though the flip locks are not so good looking, they are not slippery at the same time . And I hope this is enough for flip locks of a hiking pole.

Remarkable Features Of The Poles:

Some features to be looked at if you are considering this brand are:


These poles are quite beefy and they are extremely durable. And under normal use conditions they won’t snap crack. Even if you fall on them and ford streams with them and take them to rocks for hiking it won’t disappoint you.


It’s not so heavy, and it’s one of the lightweight pole. The weight of it is 15.7 oz per pair that means 7.9 oz per pole along with the straps.


These are adjustable indeed comparing to the most of the fixed length carbon fiber poles. They will prove itself great for pitching tarps and tarp tents.

The Tips:

Though they wear out fast, the durability of the tips are sufficient for the day hiking and backpacking with, there is no doubt with that.

You can find all kind of accessories in the box along with the poles but a little number of hikers use it. There are useful large and nice snow baskets that are helpful for snowshoe or ski trips.

You can choose these pole with the closed eyes if you are in want of a lightweight poles that will suit the all backpacking pursuits.

Leki Hiking Poles:

Leki Hiking Poles

The Leki Corklite is one of the versatile poles as it can stand up to heavier duty. And, most of the enthusiastic hikers prefer it for its amazing handle. It promises a longer life and has the durability in it. And there is no need to say that it is easy to use too. So, let’s jump into the details:


When it’s come to the point of comfortability, this brand gets ten on ten. It’s not only my opinion, the most of the people agree with it.

Locking Mechanism:

Leki uses the external lever lock style that is called Speedlock system.It’s really easy to use and the Speedlock is more appreciating than the other international locking mechanism.


They weigh 19 ounces.


It is of an average packability. It doesn’t take more space and it can adjust itself outside of most backpacking packs at the same time it is not ideal for frequent travelers or climbers.


It’s one of the most durable poles ever. It’s more durable than any other carbon fiber poles. Its resistance to bend is fabulous. The cork grip adds some more to it that differ it from other brand.


The versatility of the product helps it to fulfil the expectations of the hikers and invoke them to put it up with them for hiking. Its versatility makes it usable for both the cold weather and the hot weather.

Bottom Line:

Most of the users like it because of its shape and its diameter. It’s grip is also more durable and less prone to chip. It is quite lighter for a durable aluminium pole. And it is worthy of getting the compliments from the users.

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles:

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles

Hiking poles are advancing day by day with the time. Now, it’s far better than the time of invention of it. Aluminium was the first choice for the hiking poles at the very beginning. However, as the aluminium are heavy, nowadays the choice is switching from it to more advanced materials. Especially, carbon fiber. For the serious adventurers at the time of their hiking the carbon fiber hiking poles are always a first choice.

Why Would You Choose Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles?

You will be benefited from the Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles in many ways. If you want to carry a very little weight with you then it’s one of the best choices. They bend easily. Moreover, these poles have a high end that gives performance the best as possible. Besides, it won’t even vibrate like aluminum poles. The hiking through hot environments becomes easy with these poles.

Fixed Length Or The Telescoping: Which Is More Preferable?

Some of the Carbon Fiber hiking poles are collapsable that means they are telescoping and some are rigid. The rigid hiking poles can’t be lengthened or shortened.

For the starters the telescoping hiking poles are very helpful as these can be adjusted in a small pace. And it helps you to get rid of a full-size set of poles.

There are some good things about the fixed-length hiking poles too. And it is because they are cheaper than the telescoping models. They offer a bit more strength because of the one piece. The components that are used in premium telescoping poles are of very high quality.

Comfortable Grips:

It is necessary to choose a pole that has comfortable grips to avoid blisters. No one wants blisters in hands at the time of hiking. Generally you can get three types of grips: coak, rubber or foam. When the cork and foam suit the warm-weather, the rubber grips goes with the cold temperatures. All the three have the potentiality to absorb the vibration very well. But, still most of the hikers love to go with the foam grips, as they seem best to them.

Tip Covers and Baskets:

To match the terrain of the crossing it’s beneficial to use such poles that have tip covers and baskets. At the time of hiking through dirt one needs some poles that have sharp tips to dig into the surface to give the exact traction as per need. At the same time, while going through the asphalt, concrete or similar surfaces rubber tip covers of the poles will help the most. And of course, at the time of crossing loose sand, snow or scree the baskets will play their vital role. They will provide a better traction by increasing the surface area of the tip of the poles.

Flip Locks:

There are two types of locking mechanism are used in the hiking poles: twist lock and flip lock. Most of the telescoping or collapsible hiking poles generally do come with one of these type of mechanisms. Most of the experienced hikers choose flip locks because of the easiness of engaging or disengaging. They are really reliable more than anything else as you can put your weight on it for the most of the time.


The strong wrist straps are very important as it is the question of the hiker’s safety. When the hikers use the grips on the downstroke of each and every step the most of the body weight automatically be placed on the wrist strap. That is why the sturdy and comfortable wrist straps are required.

The Valuable Tips and Tricks on Hiking Poles:

It is helpful to utilise the features of any product even if it’s about the best pair of carbon fiber hiking poles. If you have the best pair of this product you should try to get the most of their value. And to do that you just need to remember few things. And, they are stated below:

While hiking on heels adjust the pole length. At the time of walking down the heels, the slight long length is helpful. And, at the time of walking up hills poles of slight short length is really helpful.

For ‘on-the-fly adjustments’ use the top part of the pole and try to keep completely extend the lower portions of the poles. And, don’t forget to situate the upper sections at the halfway points.

A natural arm-swinging walk will prove itself to be effective. It will help you to keep stable the center of gravity.

If you store your poles with the locks opened it will help you to reduce the stress on the locks and it will prevent a before time failure.

And at the end, ensure that your poles are not in the close contact of poisonous and toxic plants. The urushiol in them causes an itchy rash. To avoid them be careful. Wash the pole off with water and soap if it comes to contact with such poisonous plants.

Pros And Cons Of Hiking Poles:

It distributes the work to your upper body that helps you to save the energy of your legs. On downhill hikes it saves your knees and joints. On uneven terrain, river crossing and slippery rocks you can improve your balance. It helps you to enhance the speed and you can move faster. You can also use it as the multifunctional kit and use it as tent support.

But, as well as its pros it has some cons too. The output of overall energy can increase for using it. At the time of hiking if you have poles with you and if you are not in the mood of using it then it can be proved as the extra burden to carry.

Therefore, it is a blessing for the new generation hikers to have such equipments at the time of their adventures. Especially those carbon fiber hiking poles and their quality add an extra punch to the disposal of enthusiasts of this new generation. If you ask me, I’ll tell you only one thing at the end of the article if you select a pole that provides the exact features that you need for your adventure and you can feel the difference yourself. You will be more efficient to tear across the terrain more confidently, happily and effectively than ever before.

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