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Budget Hiking Socks

If you are a traveler then you can’t overestimate the value of best quality hiking socks. The pair of hiking socks can keep your feet comfortable and dry while traveling any place. Wearing the cotton socks on the trails is one of the worst experiences you can ever have with your feet. The cotton socks hold the moisture of the skin, that can be the causes of chafing and blisters galore. So these are the reasons for getting a few pairs of socks which provide the moisture-wicking wool or synthetic for the purpose of hiking. Follow the article to know about the best hiking socks.

The Materials For Best Quality Socks:

The best quality socks require some materials as in:

Merino Wool:

Merino Wool harvested from the Merino sheep. This type of wool has the character of quick-drying, static resistant, breathable and naturally antimicrobial. These characteristics hold the quality of preventing the odor. The Merino Wool is much softer than the traditional wool.


Nylon is one of the long lasting materials. It is made with fibers for that reason as it provides the long durability. It is lightweight and synthetic polymers.


Synthetic is a polyurethane-based fiber. It is famous for its stretchability characteristics.


Elastane is a kind of variant product of spandex. This material is also famous for making socks and any other kind of dressmaking purpose.


The polyester is the one of the common plastic-based synthetic fibers. It is famous for its strength and legibility. The polyester is a light and shrink-resistant material.


Silk is a natural fiber element which is produced by insects. It is strong, very soft and smooth but it is not that elastic like the other material.

In the above-mentioned part of the article, we were discussing the materials of socks. But all these materials can not make socks on its own. To make the best hiking socks it needs a qualified brand. Now let’s take an overview about some of the brands who make best socks for hiking.

The Darn Tough Hiker Socks:

Darn Tough Hiker Socks

The darn tough hiker socks is the name of best quality hiker boots. This product is made up with  Smartwool to make the light hiker micro crew socks. This socks has the quality to keep your feet comfortable and breathable during the summer season. The darn tough socks are made in Vermont. The company ensures that the socks are made with the materials which feature breathability, comfort, and quality. The darn tough socks hold the micro crew length which means that the socks come up to the lower calf, and helps to keep out the loose brush. This sock fits very tightly in your body. If you use the darn tough hiking socks then you don’t need to experience any bunching in the toes which may lead you to further injuries. You can climb any steep trails and run back down anywhere by using this socks. You will not get any hot spots or blisters if you wear these socks. The darn tough socks are made with the smell-proof technology because the socks are made with high-quality merino wool.

Using the smart wool hiking socks has some benefits like it has the medium cushioning to absorb the impact on the type of trails. The smart wool socks have the specification of flat knit toe seam and the elasticized arch brace.

Stance Divide Hiking Socks:

Stance Divide Hiking Socks:

The stance divide hiking socks are the best for those hikers who are stylish. These socks are enriched with creativity and style. Although the brand maintains its quality and technical features, the stance divide hiking socks are assembled with a blend of wool, polyester, cotton, and nylon. The divide hiking socks have the specification of mounting and striping. If you want to know the heights of today then stance divide hiking socks is the name which covers the most durable and hiking reinforced quality. The divide hiking is always with you where ever there is brush, trees, rocks.

Icebreaker Hike + Lite Crew:

Icebreaker Hike + Lite Crew:

The icebreaker hike is a brand name made in New Zealand. The wools which are used to make this socks comes from the sheep of Southern Alps. The materials which are used to made icebreaker hike are 57% merino wool, 41% nylon, and 2% Lycra. As per the analysis, the icebreaker hike has the best fitting toe box and the socks also indicate a left-right label. The icebreaker hike socks is made with the ultra-light formula. The socks are best to wear during the summer season. The icebreaker hike socks have the characteristics of breathable mesh zones for the ventilation and it has the anatomical toe box system to reduce the rubbing. The product has tendered the hardworking feet and it is blister free on any kind of terrain.

FITS Light Performance Trail Quarter Socks:

FITS Light Performance Trail Quarter Socks:

FITS light performance trail quarter socks are the best socks for hikers. The pair of FITS light performance trail quarter socks gives you an extremely comfortable feel. For trekking purpose, the light performance trail socks are just unstoppable. The socks are assembled with 50% merino wool, 40% nylon, 7% polyester, 3% Lycra. They have the characteristics of a slightly taller hybrid cuff which is made to guard the ankles against the sticks, rocks, and snow. Moreover, the socks are well fitted and comfortable for your foot it has the best ventilation technique to breath well. The length is just above the boot height. Moreover, the fittings of the socks are very well designed so that the socks did not slide into your shoes. So that you can say that the light performance trail socks are one of the best.

The Wrightsock Escape Crew Socks:

The Wrightsock Escape Crew Socks:

The wrightsock escape crew socks are the non-wool socks. If you need the non-wool socks then we recommend the wrightsock escape crew socks is the best choice. If you want to hike during the summer season then you can choose the wrightsock escape crew socks. These socks are made with 68% Polyester, 24% Nylon, 8% Lycra in the outer side and the inner side is made with 70% Polyester, 26% Nylon, 4% Lycra. The product is breathable and it also keeps the moisture. It holds a bit of odor. The wrightsock escape crew socks are designed with double layer technique. These two layers help to prevent our legs from hot spots and blisters. The wrightsock escape crew socks are the softest socks that you may ever get. Although the product comes for men’s size though it could be used as a unisex product. You can get the product at an affordable price.

In this guide we have mentioned about the best men’s hiking socks. Now keep your eye on the article to get further information about hiking socks.

Some Advice Before Buying Hiking Socks:

If you want to buy the hiking socks then you must need to look for some specific qualities which are given below:

The Materials Of The Socks:

Before buying hiking socks you must check out that what are the materials which are using to make the socks. The first thing that you must check before buying the hiking socks is that whether the socks are  made with cotton or not. The materials must need to be without cotton. Tough cotton is the fabric of our life but using a cotton sock might cause many chafing and blisters because cotton soaks the moisture of the skin.  

Wool hiking socks are the best for use. The woolen socks regulate the temperature. It is best to buy the socks which are made with the merino wool which comes from the merino sheep. The merino wool is the high quality and superfine wool. The merino wool is good for skin and it can prevent the odor.

You can also buy the socks which are made with the synthetic materials. The synthetic materials dry more quickly than the woolen socks. If you use woolen socks, it may irritate your skin then you can buy synthetic socks. But this product sweats a bit more than wool. Moreover,, it may retain the smell.

Use Well Fitted Hiking Socks:

If you want to buy any hiking socks then it must need to be fitted with your skin. You must know the proper size of the socks which you need. You can go to REI stores they can help you to measure the volume of your foot. The volume is the important aspect of your foot and that is not same as your arch. After measuring the foot volume you can buy the hiking socks as per your measurement.

The Measurement Of Socks Hight:

The REI sells four types of socks such as no-show, ankle, crew and knee-high socks. If you wear a boot which comes up over the ankle bone then you need crew-length socks. Then the sock need to be fully under the boots otherwise it can lead your legs or ankles to blisters. If you want to wear hiking shoes then you need to wear the ankle or no-show sock that will be comfortable for you. Sometimes you may prefer the ankle sock over the no-show sock because it can help you to prevent the trail debris out of the shoe. It is best to use the knee-high socks for people who want to hike. But we recommend you the crew-length socks because it is most common and can  be used in any season.

The Thickness Matter Of The Hiking Socks:

REI sells four types of socks as per the thickness such as No cushion, lightweight hiking socks,medium cushion and heavy cushion. The lightweight hiking socks are suitable for those who want to hike on moderate terrains. If you are roaming in a cold place then you can use the medium or lightweight hiking socks. If you want to hike on the early morning or in late evening then you must use the heavy cushion socks. The heavy cushion socks are also suitable for those mountaineers who want to hike on the winter season. The light or medium-weight wool socks keeps your feet warmer because thinner socks have the characteristics to soak the moisture quickly.

Women’s Hiking Socks:

Hiking means the wilderness this can release us from the boar and monotonous days. If you want to go for a hiking then you must need hiking socks and shoes. Now we are going to discuss some of the best women hiking socks. If you want the best quality hiking socks then this guide will help you to find the best quality hiking socks.

The Darn Tough Vermont Women’s Micro Crew Sock:

The Darn Tough Vermont Women's Micro Crew Sock:

If you think about the best quality women socks then darn tough will get your attention. The Vermont Micro Crew Sock is the best woman socks produced by the company. This sock is assembled with lycra spandex, nylon and merino wool and delivers the optimum quality softness which is comfortable for use. Though it is made with merino wool so that it can regulate the body temperature and keeps the body warm. You can use the socks in any type of weather and it prevents the blisters and chafing.

The Kold Feet Women’s Sports Low Cut Sock:

This sock is one of the pocket-friendly socks. The materials of the socks are assembled with polyester, cotton and also combined with spandex and it is also included with the moisture-wicking fibers which helps to prevent blisters. The kold feet women’s sports low cut socks fight with odor. These socks helps to keep your feet cool. The kold feet women’s sports low cut sock also enhance the arch support.

The CEP Women’s Dynamic+ Outdoor Light Sock:

The CEP Women's Dynamic+ Outdoor Light Sock:

If you are busy in the hiking through the beautiful scenery, then this sock is perfect for you. These socks are made with cutting-edge technology which stimulates the circulation and it also offers the joint support technic.The sock enhances the blood flow and reduce the swelling throughout the foot. The crew-length sock is made with the nylon, spandex, and wool which can save our feet from the biting cold. It also maintain its cooling properties during the hot days.

The Pure Comfort Light Quarter Socks:

If you want to go for a summer hiking then the Light Quarter Socks is suitable for you. It will help to keep your feet cool. This socks come in short and quarter-length. The  socks are made with rayon and merino wool which keeps the moisture of your feet and keeps your feet odor free and fresh. It is also combined with bamboo fibers. This socks can keep the high-density cushioning of your foot which feel the impact while walking. This product is very comfortable to use. The most important fact about the light quarter socks that it is made with snugfit technology. The snugfit technology is also enriched with the lycra power bands which keeps your foot comfortable.  This socks are not slipping down.

This was all about the best women hiking socks. Follow the guide to choose the best.

The Waterproof Hiking Socks:

To hike a mountain you have to face many circumstances. At the time of hiking you might face some weather issues like rainy weather. At the rainy day you need to wear the waterproof hiking socks. Here let’s take a view about the best socks that can prevent you from water.

The Materials Of Waterproof Hiking Socks:

To make waterproof hiking socks, you require some required materials. Usually this kind of  hiking socks provides three layers. The primary layer of this socks are made with merino wool, bamboo or some other kind of material which comforts our feet. The outer layer of this kinds of socks are made with nylon. Now let’s talk about the top three best quality waterproof hiking socks.

The Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks:

The Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks

The dexshell hytherm pro waterproof socks are suitable for hiking, mountaineering, hunting purpose. This socks resists water to enter our feet. The outer layer of the socks are made with the abrasion-resistant nylon and elastane. This product supports the quality of best durability and gives us the perfect fittings. The primary level is made with merino wool, lacrylic and nylon. Merino wool keeps us protected from any kind of cushioning and odor. Acrylic and nylon keeps the primary layer durable and it can dries our feet quickly. In between the primary level and the outer layer, the socks have the porelle hydrophilic membrane which protects our feet from water, snow and wind. This socks has the good breathability quality. The socks is also included with elastic insteps for fittings purpose. The dexshell hytherm pro waterproof socks are best for the people who want to keep the feet dry and warm at the time of enjoying outdoor activities in the wet situation.

The Hanz All Season Mid-Calf Socks:

The Hanz All Season Mid-Calf Socks

The hanz all season mid calf sock is the best for the outing purpose like hiking, mountaineering, trekking etc. The outer layer of this socks are made of nylon, lycra and spandex. Nylon has the quality of quick drying. Lycra and spandex has stretchable quality. The inner layer of the socks has the quality to keep the warmth and efficiently which prevents the sweat. The socks has a additional material named MVT or Moisture Vapor Transfer in between the inner and outer level that prevents water from coming in the socks. The socks are also blister free to use. All these quality makes the Hanz all season mid calf sock as the perfect one for outing.

The SealSkinz Trekking Thick Mid:

The Sealskinz trekking thick mid socks is one of the best socks manufactured by british company. This hiking socks are suitable for hiking, mountaineering and trekking. This socks are made of nylon and 41% of merino wool which provides the best durability and comforts us from water and wind. The socks keeps our feet odor free. The flexible hydrophilic technology keeps us comfortable. The sealskinz trekking thick mid socks comes with four different colors. Sealskinz trekking thick mid socks is one of the best waterproof hiking socks.

Why You Need Waterproof Socks While Hiking:

If you are a traveller and you love to hike or trek in differents kinds terrain of then you must have to face the weather challenges. Sometimes the weather might be rainy or stormy.

To defeat this kind of weather challenges you must need wear the waterproof hiking socks to protect your feet from the water and wind. This socks are quite good to resist water. But the socks are not breathable as the normal hiking socks. For these reason we are recommending the waterproof hiking socks.

So this was the detail about the hiking socks. Hope this guide will help to choose the socks as per your requirement.

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