Popular Merrell Hiking Boots For Men & Women

Popular Merrell Hiking Boots

Merrell is an American based company. It manufactures different outfits for men and as well as for women. When it comes to the best trekking products then Merrell deserves a special mention in this regard. Merrell is not just a brand but it’s an emotion to hiking lovers. Regardless of the terrain be it rigorous, steep or river ravines we like to enjoy each and every obstacle during hiking. Before going to the further discussion let us understand some of the basics to identify the best trekking boots quality.

Variables That Comes In Front Before Making A Decision Of Selecting Hiking Boots

These are the queries that might arise in the hiking lovers mind before buying a pair of boots. By studying the contents of this article you can clear your queries.


The durability of a shoe totally depends upon the material quality. The better the material the better it will withstand any difficult situation. The other key factor to consider which determines the durability of a boot is the climate factor. Depending upon the using condition the durability also differs.


A design does matter to every user not only because of appearance but also due to its function. Depending on the need, Merrell design boots with different specifications. The designs for Waterproof and Ventilator boots are different to suit in different situations.

Waterproof boots are generally used in the watery areas, where the surface is slippery. Whereas the function of Ventilator boots is to pass air in order to provide comfort to its users.


The price is not a factor to users who like to roam around quite in a few months. As for the hikers, the adventure is the first priority. But Merrell, not only offer these things to users but also for all. That is the reason it likes to sell its product at a moderate rate.

Understand Hiking Boot Components Before Buying

Below are the basic considerations to keep in mind before buying Merrell hiking boots.

Hiking Boot Uppers

These are the components which are using in the uppers and denotes the functionality of the hiking boots.

Full grain leather: This kind of design provides outstanding durability, abrasion resistance and at the same time very good water resistance. Because of all these features, the boots are heavy related to Split-grain leather boots.

Split-grain leather: The name Split-grain leather indicates that it does not consist of a pure leather but split. Nylon is the additional component which is combined with leather to construct this kind of Merrell hiking boots. These boots are very light in weight and at the same time has an additional breathability feature. Not only that but it is cost-efficient as well . Water and abrasion resistance is the key feature which these boots offer.

Waterproof membranes: These boots have a different construction. The upper section is constructed with waterproof or breathable membranes and the lower part is created by a membrane which may prevent your feet from sweat on summer days.

Insulation: Few mountain hiking boots are made of synthetic insulation which keeps feet warm while hiking on snow or glaciers.

Know About Common Merrell Hiking Boots Women

To know the specification of the most common Merrell hiking boots for women, check out this section below.

Women’s Chateau Mid Pull Waterproof

Women's Chateau Mid

This is one of the most common choices of Merrell hiking boots and is suitable to wear in wet weather. because of its protection and traction purpose. It is available in three different shades- Merrell Oak, Dusty Olive, and Black.


  • This boots consists of full grain water resistant leather with M Select™.
  • Inner zipper facilitates to simply open and close.
  • The dry leak-proof membrane let the moisture to escape.
  • To control the feet smell FIT.ECO combines EVA molded footbed is used.
  • Best gripping facility when and where required.
  • The Shaft height of this model is 13 cm by 5.1 inches and the Heel height is 4.9 cm by 1.9 inches.
  • Measurement of the calf circumference is 30 cm by 11.8 inches.
  • And the tested weight is 1 pound 14 oz by 839 gram.
  • All different measurement sizes are available.

Women’s Aurora 6 Ice+ Waterproof

Women's Aurora 6 Ice+

This is a commonly used winter trek boots. Anyone can take full fun on the wet ice weather by using this Vibram® Arctic Grip designed boots. Not only that but in addition, it keeps your feet warm and dry due to the presence of a waterproof shell.


  • The presence of Vibram® Arctic Grip™ outsole facilitates unparalleled traction even in the most extreme winter condition.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane waterproof design makes users feel like feet on clouds.
  • Conductor™ Fleece lining is to control the inside boot temperature in a comfort range.
  • Bellows’ tongue is to protect from dust particles.
  • Singular density Portable footbed with a framed arch shank made of nylon.
  • Under heel is construct with Merrell air cushion, which helps to absorb shock along with stability.
  • M Select™ WARM which is light in weight with a low bulk 200 grams insulation keeps you in comfort.
  • Lug depth measurement is 4.5 in mm.
  • The calculating weight is 2 pound 6 Oz / 1065 gram.

Accentor Mid Ventilator Waterproof

Accentor Mid Ventilator

This product of Merrell hiking boots enhances your traveling experience in a difficult summer situation. The purpose of this boot is to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature with a dry over a grippy outsole. This product is only available in Brindle/ Tigerlily and Sedona/ Atlantis colors.


  • Specially suede leather comes to use to construct this Merrell hiking boots along with the open mesh upper.
  • Bellows tongue to keep your feet out from the debris.
  • Breathable mesh lining helps your feet to breath fresh air from surrounding nature.
  • Under heel is construct with Merrell air cushion, which helps to absorb shock along with stability.
  • Traditional lace closure.
  • The function of Kinetic Fit™ Base removable contoured insole is to support your feet in difficult situations.
  • The midsole of this Merrell boot is made up of ethyl vinyl acetate to ensure stability and comfort.
  • Arch shank is constructed with molded nylon.
  • It is available in all different sizes starting from 5 to 11.
  • The weight of this boot is about 1 pound 11 Oz per 777 gram.
  • Overall this can be concluded that this model is among the best because of its

moisture-wicking technology which keeps your feet dry even in during summer treks.

Outmost Ventilator GORE-TEX®

Outmost Ventilator GORE-TEX®

This model of Merrell hiking boots comes with four different eye catchy colors which include black, boulder, fig, and frost grey. Style does matter but if you stuck in a life and death situation while hiking then obviously a person life will be the first priority. These boots are designed, especially for hiking purpose, which may also act as a life savior due to its features.


  • It blocks water to get in and at the same time resist your feet to sweat with the help of GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane. This material improves the breathability of your feet with a smell free environment.
  • Outmost Ventilator GORE-TEX® boots are constructed as waterproof suede and mesh upper with a traditional lace closure.
  • Bellows’ tongue is also present to keep your feet protected from debris.
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate is blended in contoured footbed with Merrell M Select™ FIT.ECO technology which protects your boot from bad smell.
  • For absorbing shocks and to provide stability under the heel portion Merrell Air Cushion is well designed.
  • Application of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or EVA in the Midsole is to provide comfort along with stability.
  • The measuring lug depth value is 5mm.
  • This product of Merrell hiking boots is available in sizes from 5 to 11 and the weight of this boot is about 1 pound 5 oz per 608 G.

On the whole, this is among the most favorable boots for women who like to travel more frequently. It provides a good grip, which helps you to climb steep mountains with a comfortable effort. In the rainy seasons, it also works well by keeping your feet safe from rainwater. By wearing this boot you may feel a positive energy in yourself to walk a long distance without feeling tired.

These are the commonly used Merrell boots for women used for hiking. Merrell also manufactures boots for men as well. In this below section now let us see some of the commonly used Merrell trekking shoes for men.

Know About Commonly Merrell Mens Hiking Boots

Here in this sections, you will get to know some of the most commonly used Merrell hiking boots for men.

Men’s Moab 2 MOTHER OF ALL BOOTS™ Mid Waterproof Wide Width

Men's Moab 2 MOTHER OF ALL BOOTS™ This is one of the widely used Merrell hiking boots for men. It has got two different looks, among which one is Granite look and the other is Earth. By wearing this boot you will experience the comfort like never before due to its awesome features. The features of this product are mentioned in this below portion.



  • M Select™ DRY design resists outside water from getting in. Not only that but at the same time, it also facilitates to release the inside moisture out. By this process, it keeps your feet dry and stops bacteria to grow inside the feet.
  • The construction of this boot consists of suede leather and the upper portion is of mesh.
    In the bellows to protect feet from moisture, closed cell foam is present. Its function is not only to keep your feet dry but it also resists debris from damaging your feet.
  • Near the toe section, rubber toe cap is present which helps to protect your toe from any injury.
  • Mesh lining is built with such a material that enables your feet to breathe easily.
  • Merrell M Select™ FIT.ECO+ with blended Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) contoured footbed along with the zonal arch and heel support.
  • Arch shank is mold with the help of nylon material.
  • Air cushion material of Merrell under the heels functions to protect you from shock and add stability to your feet.
  • Midsole made of EVA is to enable the stability along with comfort.
  • Measuring lug depth is 5 in mm and the weight of the shoe is about 2 pounds 4 oz per 1012 G.
  • The constructive material of the sole is Vibram® TC5+

Men’s Thermo Rogue Tall GORE-TEX®

Thermo Rogue Tall GORE-TEX®This Merrell boot helps you to walk along farthest distances without any stop. By wearing this you can feel the surroundings during your hiking. Though it is available in one shade it looks very attractive. The Sublime color of this boots helps others to recognize you from the farthest distance. This is one among the best boots for men for trekking purpose. The features which make it unique are as discussed below.


  • The GORE-TEX ® technology of water resisting membrane provides better breathability.
  • This technology is also helpful in making the boot waterproof.
  • The construction of hooking is, be like metal hook along with the lacing eyelet to secure human life.
  • To protect the toe from external injury protective rubber toe cap comes to function.
  • The Merrell Exclusive Vibram® Arctic Grip® Dura is to increase the durability and to withstand on the wet ice situation.
  • An antibiotic agent M Select™ FRESH helps to avoid the shoe odor.
  • 100 grams of Primaloft® Aerogel which is light in weight, low bulk insulation traps in heat even in the compressed condition.
  • Kinetic Fit™ BASE insole is contoured to your foot and gives flexible, intuitive support for connected and safety movement.
  • The lug depth of this product is 5 in mm.
  • The weighing value of this boot is 2 pound 2 oz per 960 G.

These are the models which are very common among the trek freaks. It can help you to trek in a steep mountain with a little effort.

Get Best Trekking Boots Of Your Choice

By studying this guide you may gain some knowledge about trekking boots. However, you can be able to select your own choice of buying Merrell hiking boots. By studying this article you can be able to identify the best Merrell waterproof hiking boots of a better quality. Then by having a better boot, you can go for a trek without worrying.

Hiking boots are very essential to carry while going for a trip. It not only gives you a stylish look but at the same time, it can act as a life saver. Most of the Merrell hiking boots are light in weight and also capable to protect your feet from bacteria. The Merrell hiking products help you to go outdoors and enjoy the adventurous moment to its fullest.


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