Danner Hiking Boots – Get Your Perfect Choice To Break The Boundaries

Danner Hiking Boots

Danner manufactures the best boots for trekking and hiking. It always try to follow some of the key factors which include quality and customer needs. Whatever be the condition of the sky,your feet will remain dry for both the situations whether its raining or the sun is at the top of your head.

Hiking lovers always like to collect a wide range of products. Whatever be the condition of the road but nothing can stop trekkers to collect the adventurous moments. Danner hiking boots do not only protect your legs from injury but it also protects you from difficult situations. In the mountain regions, there are certain difficulties that may arise certainly but Danner hiking boots always make you ready to overcome each and every one of them.

By wearing the Danner boots you will get the confidence to deal with any challenging situation whether you are in a watery region or on a hilly surface.

Difficulties Which You Can Deal With By Wearing The Danner Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are specially designed to fit you under any uncertain situations. The situations may arise in watery weather or in a rocky climate. By wearing these boots you can keep your feet dry and moisture free. If you are a mount climber then also hiking boots have its own utilities.

Common Components Of Danner Hiking Boots

Danner uses advanced technology to manufacture better quality boots. The using components of the Danner hiking boots are as follows:

Vibram SPE Midsole

The Danner 600 hiking boots are using an advanced engineering technology with Vibram. Specialized Performance Elastomer or SPE midsole not only keeps your feet comfortable but also increases the life-span of boots. The combination of synthetic natural rubber with EVA makes this boot flexible in terms of resiliency and durability by diminishing the weight.

Vibram Fuga Outsole With Megagrip Technology

The combination of SPE midsole with this developed Vibram Fuga outsole adds the proper balance between the flexibility and traction properties. Spongy/ pliable midsole with the flex lines of the Fuga outsole helps your feet to avail sufficient space so that you can be able to move your toe fingers inside the boots. The total outsole is infused with Vibram Megagrip rubber technology to hold your feet in both wet and dry terrain.

Water Resistance Properties

The Danner hiking boots are designed to keep minimal seams along with the properties to keep your feet dry. Water resisting properties of the Dannel 600 boots enables you to travel in rainy seasons without slipping from hilly slopes. Ice will not be able to stop your precious moments if you wear the Danner hiking boots. There are a number of models of the Dannel hiking boots available in the market by wearing which you can go a long distance by skipping the frightening situations. It is available in all REI sizes.

Top Four Danner Men’s Hiking Boots

In terms of quality, Danner is among the best manufacturers of hiking boots. Here in this below portion, you will get to know the specifications of the best Danner hiking boots for men.

Danner Crater Rim

Danner Crater Rim

There are the many positivenesses of this product which makes it impressive to the buyers. The specifications for this Danner product is as below.

  • The Polyurethane material confirms the footbed comfortable.
  • Here, you get a fiberglass constructed shank in Danner boot.
  • Waterproof lining along with the GORE-TEX liner.
  • It is only available in Brown color.
  • The weight and height of this product is 58 oz and 6” respectively.


The material of this boot are as follows:

Nubuck Leather Upper

The uppers of this boot are made of top-grain leather, which give it a sturdy look. This Nubuck leather make the uppers of this boot so strong that it can protect your leg from injury. Due to this material, this boot can go with a long time period without any damage.


The presence of this material in the boot’s liner keeps your feet dry. It allows the moisture or sweat out from your feet and thus enhance the breathability of your boots. It also resists water to gets in from the surroundings. By doing this, it resists the bacteria to grow in between the soft regions of your feet and thus protects from swelling.

Vibram Bifida Outsole

It helps traction on both the wet and dry surfaces along with various terrains. If you are a trek freak, then your boots must construct with the Vibram Bifida outsole.

Danner Men’s Mountain Pass Lifestyle Boot

Danner Men’s Mountain Pass Lifestyle Boot

Hiking is complete by wearing proper outfits. Without hiking boots, your life will be in danger at the time of climbing on a steep mountain. As unfavorable situations may occur while hiking in mountains so, it is better to prepare yourself earlier before going for a trek. This model is available in four different looks including Black Glace, Rio Latigo, Cedar, and Major Brown. To know the specifications of this model continue the below lines.

  • The footbed of this model is constructed with the removable Polyurethane Ortholite, which confirms better boot performance along with comfort.
  • Bi-Fit shank provides you a total support to carry valuable weight over a traditional shank. It does mean that if you carry a heavyweight with you then it will help you to do so. Carrying a heavyweight is also a vital part of trekking.
  • The outsole is composed of Vibram Kletterlift Thin.
  • The boots liner is made of GORE-TEX technology, the function of which is to keep your feet dry in every situation.
  • The lining of this Danner hiking boots is waterproof.
  • The weight and height of this product is 46 oz per pair and 5” respectively


The boot is made up of:

Full-Grain Leather Upper

Full-Grain leather ensures the longevity of your boots. As this material covers the upper sole, thus your legs will be safe from injury, while you are wearing it.

Horween Leather

This is an engineering leather, which provides a better appearance of your boot.

GTX Liner

The function of this GORE-TEX liner is to keep your feet dry by bypassing the inner sweat and by resisting the water to get inside.

Removable Ortholite Footbed For Cushioning

To provide maximum comfort to the users the Danner hiking boots are employed for this cushioning process. The whole footbed is constructed with open-cell polyurethane which not only accelerates the heat dissipation but also helps in air circulation.

Vibram Kletterlift Thin Outsole

This particularly invent for comfort and increase the boot’s lifespan. This is done by cutting off the height and weight from the regular Kletterlift outsole.

Stitchdown Construction

Here, you will a technical stitch which further helps to raise the underfoot stability and minimize the risk factor.

 Danner 600 Hiking Boots

 Danner 600 Hiking Boots

The Danner 600 hiking boots are featured with the Vibram SPE midsole which delivers tremendous comfort along with flexibility. It is designed with the co-polymer fusion and that is the blend between the synthetic natural rubber and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This improves the flexibility, longevity, and cushioning while diminishing the weight. This model is available in Brown with Red, Dark Brown with Green, Black, and Hazelwood with Yellow colors. The specifications of this model are as below:

  • The Ortholite is the constructive footbed material of this model.
  • This boot shank is constructed with the help of Nylon whereas the outsole is fused with Vibram Fuga.
  • Its liner comprises of Danner Dry special material with a waterproof lining.
  • The measuring height and weight of this boot are 4.5 in inch and 37 oz per pair respectively.

Suede Upper

The upper of this Danner hiking boots comprises of such suedes which are durable. The function of this suede leather is to provide better appearance to your hiking boots.

Danner Dry

This Danner dry material helps to keep your feet moisture-free. It does not matter which condition you are in but your feet will always remain dry. The waterproof boundary will be the reason which not only allows water to get into your boots but at the same time, it enables the inner moisture to get out of your feet.

Vibram SPE Midsole

The quality of the SPE midsole EVA rubber is far better than the traditional EVA. This technology enhances the product longevity along with human comfort.

Vibram Fuga Outsole

With the advance formulated Megagrip compound, the outsole of this boot provides the ridiculous grip on wet and as well as in dry surfaces. Due to this factor, you can easily go for a tour by wearing this hiking boot.

 Danner Explorer 650

 Danner Explorer 650

Danner Explorer 650 provides you with better comfort while trekking on mountains. This is not only light in weight but also enables the breathability. It is available in Brown with Green and Khaki shades. The specifications of this model are as follows.

  • The footbed of this model uses Ortholite as a material which accelerates the performance along with comfort.
  • Also, the manufacturer uses the thermoplastic polyurethane material to design Danner Explorer 650.
  • The liner of this boot is comprised of the Danner Dry composition, which helps to keep your feet dry. This boots waterproof lining helps you to get out from bacteria between your toes which is the main cause of swelling.
  • With the Vibram Escape outsole, you can facilitate extraordinary grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The height and weight of this boot are 6 in inches and 33 oz per pair respectively.

Full-Grain Leather With Nylon Upper

To increase the longevity of Danner hiking boots, full grain leather is used. The weight of this boot is heavy in comparison to others due to the presence of the combination of the nylon with the full-grain leather.

Danner Dry

During heavy rains, you can protect your feet from water by wearing this Danner hiking boot. This not only saves your feet from rainwater but also from sweat. By keeping your feet dry, you can enjoy your journey.

Removable Ortholite Footbed

As the term includes ‘removable’ that means you can remove those footbeds when required. In general, this removable utilities of the footbed comes in action at the time of washing the boots. With the three layers of varying density, it maximizes the cushioning properties.
Open-cell polyurethane for better heat dissipation and air circulation.

These are the best Danner hiking boots along with their specifications and material descriptions.

Check Your Fitting Size

While choosing boots, you need to ensure that it gives absolute comfort to your feet. So, you need to focus on the right size of the boot. Also, it should allow you to wiggle your fingers inside the boots you wear. Besides, it is better to wear the boots along with the proper-fit synthetic shocks which act to keep your feet moisture-free.
Before buying a boot it is better to know your feet length, width and arch length with the help of REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) calibrated fit device. By knowing your actual size with the help of the REI chart, now you can select your choice of buying Danner hiking boots.

It is better to check your size at the day end. Because after a long day activity normally your feet swell a little. By checking this size of your feet you can easily make your perfect choice of buying Danner hiking boots.

Knotting your boots is also essential. The way you knot your boots can also change when they fit.

The better the hiking boots you select, the better will be your trip. You can also use your Danner hiking boots in sports in every watery and dry climate.


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