Asolo Hiking Boots: Check All You Want To

Asolo Hiking Boots

Asolo is one of the most preferable brands within hiking boots. We have tested it. The boots are heavier relatively from other brands. But the weight packed in the midsole, which provides good ankle comfort to the users. A rich flood level and great quality upper materials helped it earn a good reputation among users. Also, it is one of the toughest and most suitable hiking boots for users. A review was posted in Amazon with the comment saying ‘STOP LOOKING! By far best boot made’ in Amazon. It provides a roomy interior with a big toe space.

Why Opt For Asolo Hiking Boots?

The Asolo hiking boots have been a mid-weight hiking shoe for a decade, obviously for a good reason. If you want more durability then check out Asolo Power Matic 200 shoe that is heavier and gives you a protective wall. Aggressive grip, hardcore durability, flexible sole make the Asolo products very special to the customer. Let’s go through this article before taking any decision to buy Asolo hiking boots.


If you’re a typical hiker and enjoy mountaineering, hiking or ice climbing during afternoon or days without lugging around a huge load, hiking shoes provide active support and stable traction without weighing you down. For the ultra-modern hiker, trail running shoes are an even lighter choice, offering aggressive grip without sacrificing your comfort. Heavier as well as comfortable, this deadly combo makes the product more beautiful. We have found that its lacing configuration is quite good. Four lower pulley eyelets give the forefoot easy and the middle hook eyelet gives a nice lock between the laces.


This shoe provides a great ankle support if you go for a longer excursion. In the sole of this shoe, flexibility is demanded that is much more in the Asolo hiking boots. Also, its durable and toughness sole, offer a good combo of better stability and traction due to deep indentations in the rubber. The PU midsole is better than the lighter EVA used in different models that creates a stiff fore and midfoot. The male and female version both contain the same durability and stability on their soles. However, the user feels the better combo of proper foot support and significant ankle stability.


When we go for an outing then we notice that the sole provide a medium traction for us. But the grip of the sole is really aggressive on most trail surface, the handling power on the muddy area is like a wild punch. The sole is a nice firm and is a blend of blessing.


We have tested with 12 size boots in a muddy area one then on a hill area, we get more ankle stability in this boot. Weight is very low just because they do not make any type of special shoe for girls, mostly all boots are for both gender.


In muddy areas, the leakage is negligible. Due to its upper synthetic material, its soaking percentage is very low. If you stay a long time on the muddy area then it will definitely leak the water through the boots. In a simple manner, the water resistance is exceptional.


The leather and nylon portions can handle rough abuse. You will not find any type of question regarding its durability. After using the products you should not have any question on durability. In a simple manner, they are champ.


You can use these boots in every environment conditions such as flood, desert etc. Due to very much aggressive gripping quality they can easily catch the rough soil and keep you safe from danger. When you drive any SUV type car and press the handbrake then you feel the same situation.If I recommend it to you that’s only for its aggressive gripping quality.  

Best Applications

Its waterproof feature, great grip, aggressive durability, classical design make the product useful for every condition as well as for all climate. Especially you can use it in muddy, slippery slopes, hilly area, and snowy region.

Some Asolo Hiking Boot Example

Here we are providing some models of Asolo boots in detail. Have a look at it:



This model comes up with great breathable and waterproof design. Also, the midsole in EVA is of double density. The 8 mm water-resistant upper gives a special crown into it. The classic lacing system increases its internal beauty. This shoe is recommended for hiking and summer walking.

Specifications & Features

  • Upper side: Waterproof suede 1, High tenacity nylon.
  • Lining: Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear
  • Lasting Board: Asoflex 00 SR
  • Sole: Dual density EVA, a champ
  • For: Men only
  • Weight: 490 gm
  • Size: 6 – 13
  • Made in Romania



This one you can use for hiking as well as for summer-winter walking. Incredible water resistance feature and 8 mm suede leather on the upper portion is quite good as well.  But the lasting board with duo Asoflex technology makes it a class. The midsole in the PU monotype density is a great thing.

Product Features

  • One-piece waterproof
  • 8 mm synthetic leather on the upper portion of the boots.
  • Suitable technical soles
  • The proper balance of the outsole
  • Classic lacing system and the toe cap is made from rubber.
  • This one is wide fit people
  • Size: 6 – 13
  • Weight: 690 gm



From the name, you can definitely get a basic idea about this product. This also contains all other features – Waterproof and good ventilation, great lacing system, EVA double density, Outside sole with mega grip compound, significant hardware.

Product Details

  • It gives a huge experience in a muddy or hilly area.
  • Due to the aggressive grip, it can easily bite the soil and provide a stable sole.
  • Synthetic material and leather combination provides a slippery slope on the upper of the shoe, a good water resistance idea.
  • It is recommended for the muddy area as well as for hiking.
  • From the name, you can understand its aggressive gripping power.



This Asolo women’s hiking boot is designed only for mountaineering and ice climbing.  The outer sole of this pair is made from nylon, a good water resistance material as well as it provides a better ventilation system. That will keep your feet dry and natural. Due to heavy ankle support, if you walk for a long time wearing this pair, you feel no pain.

Boot Specifications

  • Material: Upper part made from stretchable nylon. Middle & lower part made from pure leather.
  • Size: 6-12
  • Weight: 922 (gm)
  • Made in Italy
  • Sole Board: Three carbon layers + aluminum + again carbon layers + EVA at the top.
  • Snow lock in collar portion which will keep your legs dry.
  • Color: Yellow + Black + Red

AFS 8000 (For Women)

AFS 8000

This boot is only recommended for scrambling on ice falls. This entire structure of this boot is so beautiful and light which makes this item special for women. Another feature where you have to pay attention that is the sole of the shoe, while huge flexibility is still a key here, a durable and grippy sole will offer increased stability and traction due to the deep indentations in rubber. An aggressive grip on the lower board is much more secure for you.

  • 100% synthetic leather with some additional synthetic material.
  • Imported and great flexibility..
  • Strong hardware and sole.
  • Inner adjustment is so good.
  • It keeps your feet warm and safe from rough use.
  • Provides great arch support and waterproof construction.
  • Color: Only black and yellow combo available.



This one is a special shoe for  girls because of its lightness. If you love mountaineering and ice climbing then this is a perfect choice. Breathable as well as waterproof quality makes the boot more classy.  When you are outing for a whole day you may feel tired but never feel any type of injury from this shoe. In simpler terms, you will feel more comfortable with this pair due to its great ankle support with lightweight. The carbon fiber and nylon create a huge waterproof construction, that is awesome. You can use this shoe in a muddy area, hilly region, as well as in concrete for its aggressive gripping quality.


  • Size: 6-12
  • Weight: near about 2 pounds
  • Sole quality; Pure rubber sole with significant grip
  • Upper: Polyamide fabric and microfiber combination makes it a waterproof.
  • Fit: For women.
  • Material: Nylon + leather + fabric + carbon
  • Made in Italy
  • Color:  Black and yellow combo

When you’re out for adventure like mountaineering, hiking, trekking etc whether for a night or a day at a time, it’s most important for your feet to stay dry and also you want them to breathe as well. A labeling like the GORE-TEX membrane, that is found in many popular brands, provides a huge protection from wet as well as grassy and slippery conditions while also allowing perspiration to pass through. However, if you want to hike in dry and hot conditions, you may get benefit from these shoes with an upper mesh instead to really promote the natural airflow. Usage of carbon with nylon and leather gives an extra advantage to it. The rubber in the sole makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable, that is perfect for both male and female body.


Before packing a bag for an outing, one of the first steps to select the right pair of hiking boots. If you read this article then your decision will take less time to pick up a perfect pair for you. Let’s buy any suitable shoe and go for a date with nature.

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