Scarpa Hiking Boots: Top Guide

Scarpa Hiking Boots

Do you love rock climbing? It is indeed a wonderful experience, more like a challenging option, where you can put your stamina, physical fitness, the determination as well as courage into practice and soar high above the challenging feat you have engaged yourself with. However, mere determination and willpower might not be good enough. You will need something more- sturdy hiking gear sets, which will keep you up and running. When it comes to hiking gears, Scarpa hiking boot should be on top of your priority list.

One of the most valuable equipment that we have and we should have, if you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you.

We need to learn how to take care of our feet while mountaineering. Hiking boot is designed for long-distance walks not really for lounging for gym work or running, it mainly supports the ankle and feet during outdoor walking activities such as hiking trekking, climbing. When you are walking on all the different terrains with a big thick sole, it’s very difficult to keep your balance and to control everything. Scarpa hiking boot is the best in the market for trekking or climbing.

Why Scarpa Hiking Boot Is The Best?

Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX hiking boot comes in the top of the list due to its comfort, build quality and style. Not just for comfort style and build quality, there are many reasons to top the list. Let’s take a glance at some reasons.


Women Scarpa Hiking Boot

Women Scarpa Hiking Boot

The most durable and supportive boots in the Kinesis Pro family. It offers some amazing and outstanding features.


You will get a color variant in this product. Smoke or polar blue available.


Scarpa’s best-selling trail boots have redesigned women’s Kinesis Pro GTX to provide a perfect blend of flex and mobility without sacrificing the support or protection.

Waterproof Hiking Boot

The 1.8 mm suede and fabric upper find with Gore-tex lined and breathable while still offering guaranteed waterproof protection from the elements. It tracks polyurethane midsole strikes the perfect balance between durable impact absorption.

Sole Stiffness

Its Vibram biometric outsole delivers first-rate traction and stability in a variety of weather conditions while the molded TPU toe cap provides extended protection in difficult terrains. Its  PU midsole with SPS cushion and fluke technology prevent pronation.


It comes with the weight of 490g,1lb 1 oz (1/2 pair size 38).  A versatile choice for hikers that desire protection from the elements and a modern lightweight package and is sure to become your choice for all your trail and backcountry adventures.

Men Scarpa Hiking Boot

Men Scarpa Hiking Boot

Let’s take a look, why men always prefer a Scarpa hiking boot compared to others.


Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX hiking boot is the most durable and supportive boot. It offers rugged protection in a lightweight package that’s ideal for the backpackers. While versatility is a consideration, the upper is fully made up of sturdy nubuck leather for outstanding support and durability.


Sole Stiffness

Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX hiking boot is easily bent when you walk over the terrain. It’s very difficult to walk over the terrain. Its Vibram sole, Vibram traction outsole, and dual-density PU sole help you to survive.

You can get generous cushioning and impact absorption facilities from its polyurethane midsole. You bet, it is really going to be like a boon to the backpacker communities. Logging trail miles a Vibram biometric outsole delivers superb traction and stability in a variety of weather conditions.  While the molded TPU toe cap provides extended protection in certain terrain prototypes and is specifically handmade in Italy.

Ankle Support

Scarpa hiking boots can offer good ankle support. When you are walking in the wilderness or on all the different terrains with a big thick sole, it’s very difficult to keep your balance and to control everything.

I’ve walked over 400 km on rough terrain, in mud and rain and nothing has broken on them. I get no blisters wearing this hiking boot.


Scarpa hiking boots are stiffer, bigger and simply contain more materials with 100% leather. Its weight is 850 gm. Its weight is much less than others.


In winter, your feet may get pretty cold. You can protect yourself using this hiking boot. It keeps your feet warm. You won’t feel cold wearing these hiking boots. The boots come with full support to keep you as warm as possible.

Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you are planning to go for a walk on a rainy day, then it might be the ultimate solution for you. If you find yourself in a wet condition, then it important to protect your feet from the water. You can easily use this boot as it protects your feet. The upper portion is constructed with the line with gore-tex for guaranteed waterproof breathable protection from the elements when the pack gets heavy and minimal stitching in the construction.

But, it will get worse if you wear this boot in the water on a regular basis.


  • Long lasting.
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day long without worrying about cramps, pain or slippage.
  • Affordable ergonomic advanced design that is breathable.
  • High-class material.
  • It is made for trekking and climbing with its anti-odor and anti-microbial capabilities.
  • It can take you through wet and icy streets while maintaining its grip.
  • Ankle cut for superior fitting.
  • It’s lightweight helping you to move a lot more quickly than expected.


  • It is not too big. So if you wear thick socks, it is recommended you go up at least ½ a size.
  • Although it is waterproof, it can retain some water, if fully submerged.
  • Not as durable on side-sloping terrain.

Summing Up

Overall, I am impressed with this product. Recently, I went to Darjeeling and Tonglu for trekking and hiking. That’s why I bought a Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX boot, for an experiment. At first, I was afraid of what it would be like, but after using it I fell in love with it. It’s really a good product. In Tonglu, it was very difficult to walk due to rugged terrain. But for this hiking boot, I faced no difficulties. It saved my feet and ankle without any blister. After returning home, I saw that there is no blister in my boot. That’s why, you should try this once, and I will assure you will love this hiking boot.

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